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chapel_83112sign-120x120Our chapel has recently been renamed and put under the management of the church I pastor, CrossHope Chapel, and we now have new signage to reflect that change.

The signage at the chapel now reflects the same name as our church, having previously been known as the “West Mobile Wedding Chapel” and also commonly referred to as the Steve Durkac Weddings & Chapel.

CrossHope Chapel is the church I serve as pastor, the location we meet as a fellowship, and home for my wedding and vow renewal officiating ministry.

Weddings and vow renewal services at this chapel are provided for brides and grooms, as Evangelical Christian ceremonies under the administration of Pastor Steve Durkac, and in accordance with the church mission, marriage policies, Statement of Beliefs, and Church Constitution and By-Laws of CrossHope Chapel.

The CrossHope Chapel is an ideal place for a simple elopement or family wedding and is located in west Mobile, Alabama at the “2090 Schillinger” office complex, about 7 miles north of I-10 Exit 13, just north of the Cottage Hill Road and Schillinger Road South intersection.

streetview_chapel_150We are located just south of Pete’s Party Castle, about across the street from Handy Storage, and directly behind a Hair Salon and the Progressive and Allstate Insurance agencies.

If you use Google Maps you can locate it by typing in “CrossHope Chapel” or “Steve Durkac Weddings” into the search. If you use the iPhone you can simply speak “Steve Durkac Weddings” to Siri and it will give you directions.

While my wedding officiating ministry has primarily helped beach destination brides and grooms, the chapel was originally established for the local couples wanting a simple way to seal their commitment together. We have found that our chapel has been a choice venue for destination brides and grooms who have come from the states of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and Georgia.

Regardless of where you are coming from, you will likely echo the sentiment of those who have tied the knot here before you in telling us that they appreciate the simplicity and dignity of getting married at an elegant chapel by an actual vocational pastor with a meaningfulness that they’ll be able to share the rest of their life.

Please visit our Officiating Fees at Chapel page to learn more about officiating fee options and check on my availability to officiate for your wedding at our chapel by visiting the Availability Form page. Please contact me if you have a question or if you simply want to see about a time to stop by and see the inside of the chapel.


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