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  • “Organic Pastor in Simple Church”  → HERE.
  • “Ask the Bible” 7-lesson Bible Study Course → HERE
  • “How to Pray” at a CrossHope Chapel site page:  → HERE.
  • “Quotes on Prayer” at a CrossHope Chapel site page:  → HERE.
  • “How to Start a Church Prayer Ministry” at a CrossHope Chapel site page:  → HERE.
  • “Good News, Bad News” at a CrossHope Chapel site page:  → HERE.
  • “Bible Promises Study Guide”  → HERE.
  • “ABC’s of Prayer”  → HERE.
  • “7 Lessons for Success from David & Goliath”  → HERE.
  • “10 Qualities to Transform Mediocre Management into Effective Leadership”  → HERE.
  • “The Grandma Story”  → HERE.
  • “7 Things to Ask Your Wedding Officiant”  → HERE.
  • “Minister: Keep About Your Work”  → HERE.
  • “10 Medical Reasons to Laugh”  → HERE


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