Available to Officiate?

I am not able to officiate as many weddings as I have in the past, because of my full-time chaplaincy work with the hospital. However, I still enjoy officiating and I use an email process for booking wedding or vow renewal officiating into my calendar.

Before inquiring about my availability, you can review my church’s Wedding Officiating Policy. My officiating fees are $150 Monday – Thursday and $200 Friday – Sunday.


Email Inquiry

Please email me direct at stevedurkac@gmail.com and include the following information or simply copy & paste into your email to me:

    • bride & groom’s names:
    • date & time of wedding:
    • location of wedding:
    • how many guests you expect:
    • your church background, if applicable:

Please include all the above information in order for me to be able to reply back. It’s fine of you don’t have the details down yet. Please note if it’s a vow renewal or any other additional information you may want to share about your plans. Please put Wedding Availability or Vow Renewal Availability in your email subject line.


  Email Confirmation 

I will email you back letting you know if I am either available or unavailable. If I am unavailable I will offer a referral to another minister. If I am available and able to officiate your wedding or vow renewal, I will email you back, asking you to respond with a confirmation that you do want to book my officiating services.

When I have recorded your information and it is booked, I will reply by email to confirm that your wedding or vow renewal is recorded in my calendar. The subject line will read: [Date] Booking Confirmation



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