“Five Steps to Writing Memorable Wedding Vows”

by Steve Durkac

Five Steps to Writing Memorable Wedding Vows by Steve Durkac is a guide to creating meaningful, memorable, and personal vows for formal or simple ceremonies! This easy to use 5-step formula has been praised by couples who wanted personal vows, but thought it would be too difficult to write.

This simple and helpful book includes a 7-part word for word ceremony planner, 3 different ways to present your vows, examples for reciting vows, examples for reading vows, examples for responding to vows, a helpful list of romantic verbs to choose from for your personal vows, and a 5-step formula work-thru to create memorable wedding vows!

“The steps made writing our vows easy and meaningful. Thank you for writing this book.” – Bill & Sandy, Kansas

“You made this easier than I expected!” – Sue & James, Florida

“We both found the ‘verbs to vow’ priceless, it made it perfect for us.” – Janice & Eric, Georgia

“I recieved your book as a bridal gift and because you spelled out each step in a clear simple way, I know my wedding day will forever be remembered because our unique and personal vows. thanks!” – Alice, Montana


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