Web Development 

I am a minister by vocation and education but I develop and maintain my own website and online presence, and I have since 1996.

It was then that I was the pastor of a church near Huntsville, Alabama where we had a parishioner who worked as the Information Technology Director at a local college. With his coaching I jumped online and built a website for our local church.

Since then I have been an advocate of do-it-yourself website development and management. Building and maintaining your own website is easier than you may think, especially if you don’t need a site with flashy presentations that can cripples smartphone and tablet usability. Instead, I advocate for simple, functional, and usable friendly.



In 1996, I was using Microsoft Word to develop websites, I was using Juno email, and I can’t even remember who manufactured the beige box that I called my computer.

The first website that I built, for our local church, was recognized in a newspaper as being one of the first in Alabama. I have used several web design software since, but I have been using WordPress and hosting with DreamHost exclusively since 2002.

I am an affiliate with DreamHost which means if you are looking for a good hosting company click on the graphic above and if you choose to host your WordPress site with them through my links I will earn a small commission (at no cost to you) that helps support my website.

A website begins with finding the right domain name. So if you need a little help on doing that I don’t mind letting you know what is available or you can search at the no-obligation use DreamHost domain name search page.



If you need some help getting your website up, I can either walk you through it or set it up and explain how you can manage and update I could set up of the same WordPress theme which I use (A theme is like the software used to make the website) and show you how to change things from there.

I use the WordPress theme called Weaver Xtreme.

I can help you with registering domain name, establishing your own hosting account with preferred billing method, setting up an email address, secure “https” security certificate domain function, setting up WordPress with selected theme and plugins, post set up instructions on WordPress theme and plugin changes or updates, how to make content changes and add pages or blog posts, explaining process for future DreamHost support services included with your hosting.

The theme that I use can be tweaked and do a little more beyond my own use, so you will be able to change themes or improve too. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact me.