Dauphin Island, Alabama…

If you are looking for a beach wedding on Dauphin Island, I’d like to share a few things to help you in your planning.

The photo to the right is a view from the air, but it shows Dauphin Island as you enter on it from the bridge. That road will deadend and you’ll turn either right to the beaches or left to Mobile Bay Ferry.

View a map and directions to the island at the Town of Dauphin Island website and see a directory of businesses at the Gulf Info website.


Dauphin Island Beaches

Dauphin Island is off the southern gulf coast of Mobile county and easy to get to, thanks to a nice tall bridge. The beach there offers you a backdrop and shores on the Gulf and is a nice spot for a simple wedding.

There are three beaches on Dauphin Island, one is the newest East-End Beach, the West-End Beach, but the most popular for weddings is the Public Beach which is situated right in the middle of the island.


Public Beach

The Dauphin Island Public Beach offers a long area of gulf shoreline, it is near the Dauphin Island Pier, has four group pavilions, bathrooms, outdoor showers, playground and three connecting boardwalks (see a photo here and an ariel photo here).


Meeting at the Public Beach

The Dauphin Island Public Beach is long and the three boardwalk entrances can make it difficult to meet-up, so if you are choosing to get married there, and you want to ask me to officiate, it is easiest to walk out the pier and use the beach at its end area. I suggest that we meet in the parking area farthest left close to the elementary school side of the parking lot.

The Public Beach is not far from the center of town, where the road dead-ends and gives you the choice to turn left east toward Fort Gaines/Mobile Bay or west toward the beaches.

The Public Beach, as you drive west, will be on your left/south side of the Island, situated between a elementary school and a tall condo.

The Public Beach is very very large and deep but in recent years there has been a weed-like marsh area growth that has made it almost a necessity to use the pier to get across that wet land to the actual beach. Before this I had recommended meeting couples at the farthest right/west parking lot near the condo, and you may still find me mentioning that in some videos.


Marriage License

The Mobile County Courthouse is the closest, but you can get your marriage license at any Alabama county courthouse. Dauphin Island is about 30 miles south of the MobileCounty Courthouse.

Here is a link to Google Map showing the location of the Courthouse and downtown which will open in another window.


Officiating Fees/Suggested Honorarium –  Dauphin Island, Alabama includes signing/filing the marriage license and taking any photos that you may want using your camera/phone, no deposit required, and if it’s a vow renewal I will bring a frameable keepsake Certificate of Vow Renewal.

Weekday AM – Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri AM. – $100 

Weekday PM – Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu. – $150 

Weekend PM/AM  – Fri PM, Sat, Sun.  – $200

*Weekday/Weekend – For officiating fee purposes, which are based on my schedule: “weekday” is Monday AM through Friday at 12:00 PM; “weekend” is Friday at 12 PM through Sunday PM.

*Holidays – There is an additional $100 fee for weddings scheduled on a holiday (New Year’s Eve, Valentine Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween Night, Thanksgiving Eve/Day, Christmas Eve/Day).

*Sunrise – The is no extra cost to have me officiate your sunset ceremony, but because of my schedule there is an additional $100 fee for sunrise beach weddings. [Sunrise/Sunset Calendar]

*Deposit & Honorariums – Advanced deposit is not required, payment at time of wedding is fine, fee and honorarium given contributes to my pastoral ministry because I do not receive a salary from my small church.


Check If I’m Available to Officiate…

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