Gulfport, Mississippi…

The Mississippi Gulf Coast area is a great place to go to get married, with all the casinos, buffets, entertainment, and clean beaches for a memorable simple wedding experience!

I actually live on the west side of Mobile, so getting to the Mississippi Gulf Coast is very easy. Please use the form below to check my availability for your date and to get answers to any of your questions.

The beach extends along HWY 90 and with a simple drive along the coast you’ll see several parking areas where you can walk onto the sand and have your ceremony.


Beach Wedding Locations…

Biloxi-Gulfport-Long Beach: The beach stretches west of the Beau Rivage for several miles to Gulfport, Mississippi and sometimes it is best to wait until you get down here, drive up and down the beach on Hwy 90, and simply pick out a good public area. I don’t mind not knowing the exact location until just before the start time, either.

Watch my Biloxi Beach Video Tour.

Camellia Street –There is a good large area of beach across from the Treasure Bay casino and Waffle House intersection with a red light (there is a small motel and a seafood restaurant at that intersection, too). From the road you will see an empty parking lot where Camellia Street and Highway 90 meet, and next to that parking lot on the beach side is Sea Breeze Condominiums. It is not a very crowded area and it has become a favorite.  You can view some photos of those spot at our Gallery – Biloxi, MS page.


Camellia Street

Treasure Bay – Across the street from the Treasure Bay casino is a beach with a group of palms that is easy to park and a short walking distance.

The Loop – There is walking bridge called “The Loop” and it goes out across the water and leads over to a beach area that connects with the Lighthouse Pier. It is an ideal spot if you want to walk out from your room at the Beau and exchange vows over the water. 

Lighthouse Pier – The Biloxi Lighthouse Pier is on the west side of the Beau Rivage. There is parking there, too.

De Buys Rd – There is also a nice beach spot with several palm trees, beyond the mall, close to Gulfport at a street light intersection at De Buys Rd. They have parking across the street from the beach with easy crossing at the lights.

Cowan RdThere is a gazebo at this intersection of Beach Blvd and Cowan Rd in Gulfport.

Courthouse RdThere is plenty of parking and restrooms at this Gulfport location.

Long BeachJust west of Gulfport, Long Beach offers a large parking lot with restrooms, a pier, and a picnic shelter.


Biloxi, Mississippi

Across from Treasure Bay

Biloxi, Mississippi

Camellia Street Parking Lot

The Biloxi Lightouse just west of the casinos.

The beach area looking east toward the Beau Rivage.

The beach area at the Camille Street area.

The beach area at the Camellia Street area.

A view toward Courthouse Rd intersection

A parking lot view toward Courthouse Rd intersection.


Long Beach, Mississippi public beach view

Long Beach, Mississippi public beach view from restrooms.



Officiating Fees/Suggested Honorarium – Long Beach – Gulfport – Biloxi, Mississippi areas – includes signing/filing the marriage license and taking any photos that you may want using your camera/phone, no deposit required, and if it’s a vow renewal I will bring a frameable keepsake Certificate of Vow Renewal.

Weekday AM – Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri AM. – $100 

Weekday PM – Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu. – $150 

Weekend PM/AM  – Fri PM, Sat, Sun.  – $200

*Weekday/Weekend – For officiating fee purposes, which are based on my schedule: “weekday” is Monday AM through Friday at 12:00 PM; “weekend” is Friday at 12 PM through Sunday PM.

*Holidays – There is an additional $100 fee for weddings scheduled on a holiday (New Year’s Eve, Valentine Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween Night, Thanksgiving Eve/Day, Christmas Eve/Day).

*Sunrise – The is no extra cost to have me officiate your sunset ceremony, but because of my schedule there is an additional $100 fee for sunrise beach weddings. [Sunrise/Sunset Calendar]

*Deposit & Honorariums – Advanced deposit is not required, payment at time of wedding is fine, fee and honorarium given contributes to my pastoral ministry because I do not receive a salary from my small church.


Check If I’m Available to Officiate…

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Check If I’m Available to Officiate…

Please visit the Availability & Booking page to see how to check if I’m available to officiate.