Bible Studies

These are free for download or viewing at the CrossHope Chapel website. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Bible Studies for Download… 

These seven PDF instant download Bible studies in question and answer format. They are a self-paced series of 7-lessons that build on each other. So grab your Bible and make notes on the downloaded lessons then continue to reference them as you grow in your knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

1) Ask the Bible  2) Eternal Life  3) Signs of the End  4) When He Returns  5) The Origin of Evil  6) The Judgment   7) The Kingdom of Heaven 


These four Bible studies are on pages at the CrossHope Chapel website.

 Good News Bad News | ABC’s of Salvation | Benefits of Believing | How to Grow in Faith 


These are prayer ministry helps and studies both PDF and on pages at the CrossHope Chapel website.

How to Pray (PDF)  |  50 Promises for Problems |  Prayers of the Bible  |  ABC’s of Prayer  |  “How to Start a Local Church Prayer Ministry” (PDF)  |  “Favorite Quotes on Prayer Ministry” (PDF)  |  Quotes on Prayer |  P.R.A.Y. Acrostic of Gospel Presentation  |  Pray Request Form  |  Prayer Therapy: How to Pray for Problems 


Miscellaneous Downloads…

“How to Pray” at a CrossHope Chapel site page:  → HERE.

“Quotes on Prayer” at a CrossHope Chapel site page:  → HERE.

“How to Start a Church Prayer Ministry” at a CrossHope Chapel site page:  → HERE.

“Reasons I Believe in the Pretribulation Rapture”  → HERE.

“Good News, Bad News” at a CrossHope Chapel site page:  → HERE.

“Walking With The Lord” at CrossHope Chapel site page → HERE.

“Bible Promises Study Guide”  → HERE.

“ABC’s of Prayer”  → HERE.

“7 Lessons for Success from David & Goliath”  → HERE.

“10 Qualities to Transform Mediocre Management into Effective Leadership”  → HERE.

“The Grandma Story”  → HERE.

“7 Things to Ask Your Wedding Officiant”  → HERE.

“Minister: Keep About Your Work”  → HERE.

“Wellness Benefits of Laughter”  → HERE.