calendarW-200-x-200-150x150I use a simple 2-step process for scheduling wedding officiating…

→ First, check my availability to officiate your wedding at the Availability Form page. If you have talked with me on the phone (which is not easy to do because of the high volume of calls I receive that get left in the black hole of my voice mail) and I’ve said I am available and able to officiate and you understand my officiating policy and officiating fees, then you only need to use the form below to book me.

→ Second, if you have already done that and I have confirmed that I am available, then please fill-out the “Booking Form” below, in order to secure your wedding in my schedule.

This form helps me manage my wedding schedule and serves as an easy way for you submit information to me about wedding. I will respond by email, within a few hours or no more than 24 hours. If for any reason you don’t hear back from me, please contact me.


If I’m Available, Book Me…

I do not require a deposit or down-payment, but only that you let me know if you’ve had a change in plans so I can make myself available to another bride and groom. If you haven’t already discovered it, the FAQ page answers some planning, fees, weather, and other questions.

(At one time an iPhone and an Apple operating system release was having trouble processing the form below, so if you suspect there is a problem, please visit the Wedding Booking Information page, but I am about certain now that the newest release fixed that.)


Book Me…

If you have already checked that I am available, please use this email “Booking Form” to book me to officiate your wedding or vow renewal. I usually respond within 1 to 3 hours, by email using my gmail, but if I am busy with wedding, traveling, or pastoral activity it could be up to 12 hours. If you do not hear back from me please contact me again (or check your mail client’s spam folder). Please do not feel bad about contacting me a second time. Sometimes an email is entered incorrectly or my email traffic gets heavy. Thanks!

If this is a Vow Renewal ceremony, please note that in the form below.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NOTE: By submitting this “Booking Form” you acknowledge my church’s Wedding Officiating Policy Statement that subjects my officiating to church Bylaws and only for one-male and one-female marriage/vow renewal evangelical Christian ceremonies.