Miscellaneous Considerations

This a list of miscellaneous items regarding booking me to officiate your ceremony. Many of these items below are also noted on other pages. If you have any questions, please contact me.

• Please visit the Availability Request page to learn what information I need emailed in order to check my availability to officiate your wedding or vow renewal ceremony.

• If you are not sure of the exact date or time, just let me know when you email me because I can always check my general availability over a few days or a morning or evening.

• You can email or call me as often as you want or need to in order to work out details on planning.

• I ask if you have any church background just so I know your frame of reference on wedding ceremonies, not because it will win you any brownie points for getting in my schedule.

• No deposit is required or needed to book my officiating services. I only ask that if your plans change you drop me an email let me know. You can pay the base fee at the time of the ceremony when take care of the marriage license.

• If several hours or a day goes by and you haven’t heard back from me, please contact me again. If you haven’t heard back from me, especially if you use a Yahoo or AOL for your email, please check your email client’s Spam Folder to be certain that my reply email is not there. I use stevedurkac@gmail.com as my email and sometimes Gmail and Yahoo and other email clients like to mark each other as spam.

• By inquiring and booking my officiating services you acknowledge my church’s Wedding Officiating Policy Statement that subjects my officiating to church Bylaws and only for one-male and one-female marriage/vow renewal evangelical Christian ceremonies.

• On the rare occasion that an emergency or scheduling conflict prevents me from actually officiating (it has happened 3 times out of 4000+ bookings), I will try to arrange for another minister to be available and then notify you as soon as possible and as far in advance as I am able.

• When sever weather like tropical storms or hurricanes are forecast I aim to be flexible to officiate either earlier or later than booked. In serious weather warnings along the coast, lodging is usually proactive in notifying of cancellations or accommodating couples who planned on an outdoor beach ceremony.

• I have enjoyed providing Photography services over the years, but my main interest in officiating, so please do not feel like you have to use me for photography too. I am more than than happy to take photos with your camera or smartphones for no additional cost.

• My officiating services of an Alabama Covenant Marriage Ceremony does not require the couple to sign and submit a State of Alabama affidavit document, but couple must meet the same requirement of not be currently bound in legal marriage to another in any state of the union and any divorce decree must be finalized with judge’s signature.