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Move your profession, career and team up to the next level of leadership effectiveness with Steve Durkac’s motivational insights! Each of the twenty-one lessons provides for practical application ideas for use in any organization or position that requires you to mange the performance or productivity of people.

21 Motivational Insights on Leadership Enrichment will bring a lift to the work of the senior executive, middle manager, or newly promoted supervisor!

These insights were first developed and used by Steve in weekly staff meetings while employed as a hotel manager and later used in training in his roles as a workforce chaplain and leadership development trainer.

In 21 Motivational Insights on Leadership Enrichment, Steve Durkac draws upon his own supervisory training with Stephan Covey, John Maxwell, and the total quality management processes of Edwards Deming and Tom Peters.

Steve’s unique combined experience in both for-profit supervisory roles within hotel management and his non-profit supervisory roles as a church pastor and hospital chaplain, empower him to clearly motivate and impart the necessary relationship skills needed to succeed with today’s workforce!


A Word from Steve…

An interesting background tidbit about me is my involvement in hotel management, before ministry, while in college, and for a time between pastorates when I was employed with Radisson Hotels Worldwide and operated my own part-time Total Quality Management consulting business.

This book was partly written during the days of my consulting business and in the late 1990’s when I managed a a weekly “Leadership Enrichment” email list for hundreds of pastors and managers on sharing ideas and insights on leading people in our perspective organizations.

One day, I plan on revising and expanding this book, but in the meantime, I believe its greatest value is still in being used as a 21 week training / mentoring tool for developing others within your organization.

I do pray that you will enjoy it and at least gain some new insights for your own career and influence in leading others toward a mutual success within your organization!

As always, if you have any questions, just ask me! 


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