CrossHope Chapel is a nondenominational church fellowship with an informal approach to doing church, and the church I serve as pastor.

Our Sunday church experience includes a thru-the-word verse-by-verse conversational Bible teaching format, and a relaxed gathering that is simpler and smaller to allow for opportunity to fellowship, ask questions at anytime.

Please visit the church’s website page Directions to Chapel for map and directions to CrossHope Chapel, 9943 Lifeline Ct Ste C, Mobile, Alabama 36608.

CrossHope Chapel is not a public wedding venue, but there are times when it is not a problem to meet at our church location for a simple elopement ceremony, provided the wedding is in line with the CrossHope Chapel officiating policy, it’s just the couple or a few people with you, and no longer than 30 minutes in Chapel.

Please know that CrossHope Chapel is set up with round tables for our nontraditional approach to worship and Bible teaching, so there are no pews and no formal aisle, but it is still ideal as a courthouse alternative.

Please use the availability form below to check if I am able to officiate on your day and/or to check on meeting at CrossHope Chapel for your simple ceremony.



Officiating Fees at Chapel…

Over the years I have had couples show up at our chapel with far more guests than they had originally communicated, so the officiating fee at our chapel now includes “additional fees” as explained below.

$50  Officiating Fee – Weekday (couple only or up to 4 guests) 

$100 Officiating Fee – Weekend (couple only or up to 4 guests) 

*Additional Guests – If you have 5-10 guests there is an additional $50 fee, if you have 11-20 guests there is an additional $100 fee, if you have 21-30 guests there is an additional $150 fee, if you have 30-40 guests there is an additional $200 fee.

*Additional Time – There is an additional $50 fee for an additional 30 minutes of chapel time/waiting for guests, and that fee is incurred for each additional 30 minute increments beyond the booked time.

*Weekend – The times for weekend fees is considered Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday.

*Holidays – There is an additional $100 Holiday Scheduling Fee for weddings on a holiday, which are New Year’s Eve/Day, Valentine Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween Night, Thanksgiving Eve/Day, Christmas Eve/Day.


Available to Officiate at Chapel?

Please use this email “Availability Form” to check if I am available to officiate your wedding or vow renewal. I usually respond within 1 to 3 hours, by email using my gmail, but if I am busy with a wedding, traveling, or pastoral activity it could be up to 12 hours. If you do not hear back from me within 24 hours please contact me again (or check your mail client’s spam folder). Please do not feel bad about contacting me a second time. Sometimes an email is entered incorrectly or my email traffic gets heavy. Thanks!

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NOTE: By submitting this “Availability Form” you acknowledge my church’s Wedding Officiating Policy Statement that subjects my officiating to church Bylaws and only for one-male and one-female marriage/vow renewal evangelical Christian ceremonies.