Alabama Covenant Marriage Ceremony?

Alabama is about to become an “Affidavit Marriage” state, in September 2019.

The traditional marriage license is about to be replaced by an affidavit document system, which means a couple will need to report to an Alabama county courthouse to register themselves as legally married.

A marriage ceremony will no longer be a requirement in order for a marriage to be recognized as legally binding. However, I will be offering a Alabama Covenant Marriage Ceremony for couples who want and recognize the value of a ceremony.

The new “Affidavit Marriage” process is offered in some states, like Colorado, and is the typical process of marriages in other countries where the affidavit part registers the marriage as a recognized civil marriage then the couple follow up with a minister for a ceremony recognized church marriage. The Alabama system will accommodate with either the affidavit part first or the church ceremony part first.



A Alabama Covenant Marriage Ceremony is a marriage ceremony that is registered and recognized by the church I serve as pastor, CrossHope Chapel in Mobile, Alabama.

It is an ideal way to solemnize the marriage relationship for God’s blessing for a bride and groom with a Christian ceremony by a church pastor. The couple will also receive a church issued Certificate of Marriage from CrossHope Chapel, that can serve in conjunction with the Alabama state affidavit document as proof of marriage.

I can only preside over a Covenant Marriage Ceremony that is held within the state of Alabama (after the Alabama Affidavit Marriage Law goes into practice) and only for couples who acknowledge compliance with CrossHope Chapel’s Position on Marriage & Sexuality and Wedding Officiating Policy.

The ceremony that use for a Alabama Covenant Marriage Ceremony is not much different than the ceremony I have been using since 2003 and still use for both wedding ceremonies and vow renewals.

You can learn ore about my ceremony at the Ceremony Vows & Order? page. Please contact me if you have any questions, too.