As you may know, it can be very hard to find a minister to officiate your wedding ceremony if you’re not involved in a church congregation. Pastor’s have boards and committees to answer to about whom they officiating weddings for, and most steer away from inactive, non-members, or couples whom they may have to invest the time without any “pay-off” to their offering plate.

I do know a few pastors who are sometimes available to officiate when I am unable, but here are some ideas to find an actual Christian church ordained minister who may be more than happy to officiate your wedding, in your area, just as I willingly do in my area:

1) Check with chaplains. Chaplains are ordained or licensed ministers who don’t have the church boards to answer too. So no one is likely to badger them about why they officiated the wedding of those divorced people. You’ll find your area chaplains by contacting your area hospitals, hospice organizations, or police departments, or fire departments.

2) Check with United Methodist Churches. Each UMC minister is different, but some are more than happy to officiate and not require premarital counseling.

3) Check with churches that say they are non-denominational.

4) Check with friends and co-workers to see if they know a minister who is retired or who is no longer in ministry, but may still have their ministerial credentials.

And a final note, when you call around, I would suggest making it clear right up front what you want from your wedding officiant. If you’re willing to meet for premarital counseling say that. If you don’t want to do that, let that be clear too. If you simply want a quickie ceremony say that. Mention that you are not active in church, but want a minister to be involved in your ceremony. And, It helps to add that you’ll bring an honorarium. Most ministers don’t want to be commerce motivated, but the truth is, a little bit of cash in our pockets is always appreciated.

Hope this helps, and as always, let me know if you have any other questions!

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