Officiating Fee/Honorarium?

According to The Knot, the median price for a wedding officiant in 2011 was $238, with 21% of couples paying more than $300 and here along the Gulf Coast the typical website search will show you beach rates from $200 to $400. In recent years officiating fees have been bumped up to $300 to $500.

I would like to think that my wedding officiating fees are reasonable, although they are not just another revenue stream for wedding ‘business’ but go directly toward my support in my small church ministry as pastor of CrossHope Chapel.

Fees are based on the consideration of the demand for time in my schedule, both from the standpoint of the assurance that I will be at your wedding as booked (and I do get calls from frantic brides explaining that their officiant didn’t show), the demand on my weekend vs weekday, family and pastoral activities, location of your wedding, and are not based on the complexity of the ceremony.

The filing of your marriage license is also customary for the minister to take care of after the ceremony, unless you need to keep it with you for traveling purposes or simply prefer to return yourself, then I’ll sign it when I arrive for the ceremony.

In 2017, many courthouses have started printing out the official “Certificate of Marriage” upon return of the signed marriage license by the newly married couple.

Here are my wedding officiating fees by general locations and times of the week. You can view and find information on all area locations at my Availability & Booking page. If you do have any questions, please ask me!

Officiating Fees/Suggested Honorarium for all areas includes signing and filing the marriage license, taking any photos that you may want using your camera/phone, a copy of my small book “The Wedding Ceremony and Beyond” or if it’s a vow renewal I will bring a frameable keepsake Certificate of Vow Renewal, advanced deposit is not required, payment at time of wedding when we take care of the marriage license is fine, fee and honorariums given contributes to my pastoral ministry because I do not receive a salary from my small church.


BiloxiMobileDauphin Island

Mississippi Gulf Coast to Mobile Bay including from Mobile to Gulfport, the Gulf Coast beaches, cities, and counties of Mississippi and Alabama.   

Weekday AM – Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri. before 3:00 PM – $100 

Weekday PM – Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. after 3:00 PM – $125 

Weekends AM/PM  – Fri. after 3:00 PM; Sat. all day; Sun. all day – $200 

West Mobile Chapel – Please visit the Chapel page for fees/honorariums there.


Gulf ShoresEastern ShoresPensacola Beach – Navarre

Alabama to Pensacola Gulf Coast including from Daphne to Navarre Beach, including the Gulf Coast beaches, cities, areas of Baldwin County, Orange Beach, Perdido Keys, and Pensacola Beach, Florida including Santa Rosa Island.   

Weekday AM – Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri. before 3:00 PM – $125 

Weekday PM – Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. after 3:00 PM – $150 

Weekends AM/PM  – Fri. after 3:00 PM; Sat. all day; Sun. all day – $200 


Fort Walton BeachDestin – Sandestin

Northwest Florida east of Navarre Beach, Florida including the Emerald Coast beaches to Miramar Beach  

Weekday AM – Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri. before 3:00 PM – $150 

Weekday PM – Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. after 3:00 PM – $175

Weekends AM/PM  – Fri. after 3:00 PM; Sat. all day; Sun. all day – $200 


*Holidays – There is an additional $100 fee for weddings scheduled on a holiday (New Year’s Eve, Valentine Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween Night, Thanksgiving Eve/Day, Christmas Eve/Day).

**Sunrise – I enjoy the peace and tranquility of the sunrise early morning AM on the beach, but because of my schedule there is an additional $100 fee for sunrise beach weddings. [Sunrise Calendar]




 Please visit the Availability & Booking page to see how to check if I’m available to officiate.





Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: No. I don’t require a deposit, but should you have any changes in plans, just let me know so I can reflect that change in my schedule. I fully understand that plans change, people change, budgets change, so don’t feel bad about canceling with me.


Q: What do you provide for the wedding officiating fees?

A: First and foremost, I provide the peace of mind and assurance that I will be there and provide the officiating service, as an ordained vocational pastor, which will make your wedding ceremony legal, dignified, and relaxed. The officiating fee is for my time, and there is certainly no extra fees from me for adding anything like a sand ceremony or whatever you may may want to include. I will even be happy to take a few photos with your camera while I’m there, no cost.

When you book me to officiate your wedding, the fee secures your wedding time in my schedule and gives me reason to not book any other appointments in my calendar. That of course means I sign your marriage license, which makes it legal, plus it includes no additional costs for any planning assistance, answers for your planning questions, vendor help, premarital counseling, relationship help resources, and pastoral availability after the wedding.

I do not provide an arch, chairs, or other decoration services because I am a local church pastor, not a wedding vendor who has the time and investment for necessary permits or effort of decorating.


Q: If you are unavailable can you give a recommendation on another minister?

A: Yes, I do know a few clergyman who may be available to officiate and I will gladly give you a recommendation if I am not able to help. I can only refer you to church ordained Christian ministers, and not an “online officiant” because of legal risks concerning the use of internet officiants.


Q: Do you require cash or is a check OK?

A: I do not require cash, but I certainly do accept it. I also accept checks and credit cards at our Online PayPal page.



Please visit the FAQ page for more answers to questions!