Photography & Video

IMG_20150604_180329763_HDRWhen I was growing up in the 70’s I was obsessed with photography, having owned a 110 Kodak camera. My dad even thought I was surely going to grow up to be a professional photographer.

When I was in college with full-time vocational church ministry in my future, I took photography classes as electives using a manually operated Nikon and I actually won awards above the students who were taking the courses because of their major.

If you are looking for some simple photography options or just wondering what to do about photos for your simple wedding or elopement, let me share with you some ways I may be able to help…

DSC_0945FREEI am happy to give you a recommendation for a good full-time professional vocational photographer. I happen to have a few that I’ve worked with over the years and am happy to share their names and/or contact information, at no cost.

FREE I am happy to take photos with your own camera or smartphone. My officiating fee is for scheduling my time and once I’m there, I am more than happy to take photos with your camera or smartphone, at no additional cost. I can even take a few photos on my own Droid Turbo smartphone and immediately email them to you, at no cost. (See a beautiful picture that I took with my Droid Turbo at my September Sunset Photo blog post.)

$50 –  I have a professional camera and for an additional $50.00 fee I am happy to bring it and take some photos, especially if it’s just the two of you or your family and you don’t require a lot of photos. I do take photos during the ceremony, because my wedding ceremony is memorized and I actually will take photos throughout, including the ring exchange and kiss. I am happy to take some photos afterwards, too. The cost has more to do with the actual processing time from camera to laptop to USB/DVD to mailing and is ideal if you only want 50 or so photos.

$150 – Sometimes I am able to bring my daughter/son/or another photographer with me to take photos. If you are looking for 100+ photos (count variables apply: weather, family, etc.), 1/2 hour photography coverage, poses and candid shots through ceremony and afterwards, high resolution digital photos, DVD provided with all photos taken, 3 to 5-day USB mailing turnaround, no watermarks or logo imprints, no copyright restrictions. My son is a student at the University of Alabama and my daughter is a high school student, so there are a times during the school year when they are unable to help, but I do know a professional photographer who is sometimes available to provide a $150 photography deal.

Steve Durkac Beach WeddingsFREE – YouTube Video Recording – We have a custom designed video camera with wide angle recording if you are interested in a simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get recording. It’s the same video camera I use for the beach tours, so if you are interested in me bringing that or seeing if my daughter is available, just let me know.

I don’t mind uploading it to my YouTube Channel for free ( if you want to simply share a link with your friends and families or $100 to put it on a jump drive so you can load to your own YouTube Channel.

FREE – Facebook Live – I don’t mind recording your wedding for Facebook Live on our weddings Facebook page ( if you have friends and family that want to share the ceremony with, which I am happy to do at no additional cost.

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Photography Inquiry…

If you have booked me to officiate your wedding or are in the process of booking me to officiate, please use this form to check availability for photography services with myself and/or one of my children helping with your wedding photo needs. You can also use this form to get a referral for a full-time vocational photographer. You should receive a reply within a few hours or sooner. Thanks!