Sunset times are usually important for your outdoor and beach weddings, especially when it comes to photography. There are two things to remember when planning a sunset wedding…

1) The rate at which the sun will drop: During the Spring and Fall months, like April and October, the sun will actually appear to drop quicker than during the summer months. So when the sunrise/sunset calendar says 7:59 PM it mean that at 8:02 PM the sun will be gone. I have timed the drop of the sun from anywhere between 4 minutes to 12 minutes of “usable” sun light after the sunset time.

2) Photography is something to consider and I suggest talking with your photographer on this, too. If you figure a typical wedding ceremony of about 12 – 15 minutes, and figure in at least 20 minutes to 30 minutes for your after photo-shots, it’s is usually wise to start anywhere between 1 hour to 45 minutes ahead of sunset.

Here are the links to a sunrise/sunset site to help with your planning: