Here is a funny one for you. I’ve put these Dr. Seuss Vows together many years ago for a bride, who happened to also be a nurse at the hospital I worked at as a chaplain, by way of a joke.

They didn’t actually use it, but a few other couples have. It kind of fits better with a non-traditional comedy format wedding, because the sing-song verses can seem a little odd in the flow of a traditional ceremony.

Do you ____________, take ____________,

to be your lawfully wedded (wife/husband)

to have and to hold to love all your life?

will you love through the good and even the bad?

will you love though you may be happy or sad?

will you love when their rich or stuck in a deficit?

will you love when their sick or physically fit?

will you love till the end,

will you love your whole life long with all of your heart?

will you love, will you love (her/him) till death do you part?