Writing your vows is always fine with me. The only essential element for a wedding vow is an acknowledgment of your voluntary commitment to become the lawfully wedded husband or wife of your groom or bride. That is as easy as simply saying “I promise to be your husband/wife” or “I take you” or “I will always love you” or anything on that order.

If you want to be a little more eloquent about your vows, you can get my book to help you choose and write your own vows in 5 easy steps…

Five Steps to Writing Memorable Wedding Vows by Steve Durkac is a guide to creating meaningful, memorable, and personal vows for formal or simple ceremonies! This easy to use 5-step formula has been praised by couples who wanted personal vows, but thought it would be too difficult to write.

This simple and helpful book includes a 7-part word for word ceremony planner, 3 different ways to present your vows, examples for reciting vows, examples for reading vows, examples for responding to vows, a helpful list of romantic verbs to choose from for your personal vows, and a 5-step formula work-thru to create memorable wedding vows!


“The steps made writing our vows easy and meaningful. Thank you for writing this book.” – Bill & Sandy, Kansas

“You made this easier than I expected!” – Sue & James, Florida

“We both found the ‘verbs to vow’ priceless, it made it perfect for us.” – Janice & Eric, Georgia

“I recieved your book as a bridal gift and because you spelled out each step in a clear simple way, I know my wedding day will forever be remembered because our unique and personal vows. thanks!” – Alice, Montana


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