On this page, I’ve posted a portion from my book “Five Steps to Writing Memorable Wedding Vows” on 3 ways to do your vows. You can use these to adapt, customize, or to get you thinking about creating your own. Also, as you scroll down you’ll find a list of verbs you can use to help you in your vow writing exercise. If you have any questions in your process I will be happy to help! Just contact me.

Reciting Vows Sample:

“I, (bride/groom), do take you, (bride/groom), to be my (husband/wife), my friend, my lover, my soul-mate, my life partner.

I look forward to a marriage relationship of truest friendship, openness, and unconditional love. I look forward to a home made of happiness, a family made of love, and marriage made of trust.

I pledge my heart and will, to love you in good times and bad, to respect you in success and failure, to be faithfully yours in health and illness, to be confident in our marriage in plenty or in want; from this day forward, so long as I live.”

Reading Vows Sample: 

“Dear (bride/groom), when we first met, I knew in my heart of hearts that this day would arrive, that together we would vow our love, our mind, our souls in holy matrimony.

My vision for life with you consists of open honesty, loving acceptance, and a commitment to respect the beauty of your mind and body.

I will always be there for you, when you hurt, in sorrow, or struggling with life; I will always face my heart and my mind toward you alone; to you (bride/groom), you will forever be the one true love of my life, as long as life’s blood and breath is mine.”

Responding Vows Sample:

“Do you __________, take __________, to be your (wife/husband), your companion in marriage,

to be loved and to love, to share in mutual respect, to learn, to live, to laugh and to grow old together;

Do you promise to stand with ___________  in sickness or health, to be hand in hand with him/her in wealth or want, to stay arm in arm with him/her in affection and fidelity, until death causes you to part?”



Verbs for Vows

Here is a list of expressive words that are ideal for romanticizing your own vows. Along with these words, I added a brief phrase to inspire your thoughts as to how it might be used!

If you and your fiance’ are considering writing separate vows, groom vows and bride vows, you could each go through the list and circle the words that mean most to you and than have the other use it in their vows.

Admire – to admire you
Advance – advance our relationship
Affirm – to affirm you
Alleviate ? ?to alleviate pain?
Amplify ? ?amplify my love for you?
Appreciate ? ?I appreciate you?
Beautiful ? ?you are beautiful?
Believe ? ?to believe in you?
Brighten ? ?you brighten my life?
Build ? ?to build a life of??
Choose ? ?to choose to??
Communicate ? ?to communicate??
Complete ? ?you complete me?
Compliment ? ?to compliment you?
Connect ? ?to connect with you?
Considerate ? ?to be considerate?
Create ? ?to create, with you??
Defend ? ?to always defend??
Delight ? ?I delight in you?
Demonstrate ? ?to demonstrate our love?
Discover ? ?to discover each other?
Dream ? ?you are the dream of my youth?
Drive ? ?you drive me toward??
Embrace ? ?embrace your love?
Encourage ? ?encourage you to??
Engage ? ?engage your heart and soul?
Enhance ? ?enhance my life?
Enlighten ? ?you enlighten my life?
Excite ? ?you excite me?
Enthuse ?you enthuse me?
Explore ? ?to explore together?
Express ? ?to express my love?
Forgive ? ?to forgive and grow?
Foster ? ?foster an environment of??
Friendly ? ?to be friendly in spirit?
Gentle ? ?to be gentle?
Give ? ?to give and receive?
Grateful ? ?to be grateful?
Grow ? ?to grow in our friendship?
Heal ? ?to heal when you hurt?
Help ? ?to help you?
Hold ? ?to hold you?
Hope ? ?to hope beyond hope?
Illuminate ? ?illuminate my desires?
Inspire ? ?to inspire you?
Involve ? ?involve you in my life?
Keep ? ?to keep you and to hold you?
Kind ? ?to be kind?
Laugh ? ?to laugh together?
Lead ? ?to lead our home in??
Live ? ?to live together?
Love ? ?I love you?
Loyal ? ?to be loyal?
Make ? ?to make our home??
Manifest ? ?to manifest a spirit of??
Mature ? ?mature together?
Measure ? ?keep no measure of wrongs?
Model ? ?model to our children?
Motivate ? ?motivate each other?
Nurture ? ?to nurture you?
Open ? ?to be open and honest?
Play ? ?to play together?
Praise ? ?to praise you?
Pretty ? ?you are very pretty?
Progress ? ?to aim for progress?
Promise ? ?I promise to you alone?
Provide ? ?to provide you??
Pure ? ?you are pure to me?
Purpose ? ?It is my purpose to??
Pursue ? ?to pursue our well-being?
Receive ? ?to receive your love?
Reclaim ? ?to reclaim our love?
Relate ? ?to seek to relate to you?
Release ? ?to release you from anger?
Rely ? ?to rely on your judgment?
Remember ? ?to remember your??
Respect ? ?to respect you?
Return ? ?to return your love?
Sacrifice ? ?to sacrifice for you?
Satisfy ? ?to satisfy your needs?
Share ? ?to share together?
Speak ? ?to speak highly of you?
Stand ? ?to stand by your side?
Success ? ?to join you in success?
Support ? ?to support you in want?
Surrender ? ?to surrender my heart?
Sustain ? ?to sustain our love?
Take ? ?I take you to be my??
Team ? ?as a team?
Touch ? ?to touch your life with??
Understand ? ?to seek to understand?
Validate ? ?you validate me?
Value ? ?I value you?
Verbalize ? ?to verbalize my love?
Visualize ? ?I visualize us??
Work ? ?to work together as parents?
Worship ? ?to worship our God together?
Yield ? ?to yield to us?