West Mobile Chapel

If you are looking for a Covenant Marriage Ceremony in Mobile, Alabama, I may be able to officiate that at our church location Chapel.

The traditional marriage license has been replaced in Alabama by an affidavit document system, which means a couple will need to receive paperwork from any Alabama county courthouse, then get a Notary of Public to verify signatures, and finally return that paperwork to the courthouse register themselves as legally married.

A marriage ceremony will no longer be a requirement in order for a marriage to be recognized as legally binding. However, I will be offering a Covenant Marriage Ceremony, registered with CrossHope Chapel church, so a bride and groom can still have an important benchmark and basis of commitment through an exchange of vows in the eyes of God.

I sometimes am able to meet with couples at our CrossHope Chapel location for a simple ceremony. It is not a public wedding venue, but it is a good meeting place if it’s just yourselves or a few family or friends and in accordance with the CrossHope Chapel officiating policy, and no longer than 30 minutes.

If you are wearing a wedding gown, have bridesmaids and groomsman, hiring a photographer, needing an aisle to walk-down, wanting to decorate…this is NOT the place for your wedding ceremony — this is a church chapel not a wedding chapel. If you see the picture below you will notice that our church location is laid out very differently than a typical church so we are not currently set-up as a formal wedding accommodation, except for a courthouse-style ceremony.

I usually can’t book to officiate at the chapel more than 30 days out of your date because sometimes the church has activities planned that include chapel use. Last-minute weddings are not a problem if I’m in Mobile, but just check with me by going to the Check Availability page.



$50 Officiating Fee…

This is a church chapel not a wedding chapel. We are not a wedding venue and I am simply allowed to use our church location Chapel to help evangelical Christian couples have a courthouse alternative. The $50 officiating fee is for the Chapel only (beach location officiating fees are here).  If you have any questions, please ask me.

This is an option for the groom and bride or a handful of family/friends, not more than 30 minutes, less than 12 quests, and just looking for a courthouse alternative. Because of our church set-up this is not an option for ceremonies with wedding parties, bridal gowns with trains, or any ceremony relying on a traditional chapel aisle.


Check If I’m Available to Officiate…

Please visit the Check Availability page to see if I’m available to officiate for your courthouse alternative wedding ceremony at our Chapel.



View inside the Chapel at https://youtu.be/8I_L5vfPQ38.


Directions & Map to Chapel…

CrossHope Chapel is at 9943 Lifeline Court Ste C, Mobile, Alabama 36608, just north of Airport Blvd and the first road to the left just off of Snow Road behind the Winn-Dixie shopping center. This is a business office area, except for us and a Pentecostal group across the street, but when you turn down Lifeline Ct you’ll see that CrossHope Chapel is in Suite C on the South/left side of Lifeline Court, directly across from the Celebrations party room.

You can open up a Google Map to view the location here or scroll below for an embedded map.