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“FORGIVE & LOVE” Premarital Assessment…

This is an outline of issues to consider together as you plan for marriage. It’s an assessment tool that I developed and use in premarital counseling. As you review these areas of your life, think of your future with your mate, in marriage, and ask yourself if there are “adjustments to” and/or “compatibility with” these seven aspects that will impact your marriage relationship…

F – family | in-laws? parents? children?

O – outlook | goals? religion?

R – responsibilities | child support? debts?

G – genetics | personality? physical attractions?

I – interests | cultural? friends? pastimes?

V – vocation | job hours? stress?

E – experiences | past relationships? education levels?


And a bonus assessment that I got from pastor and teacher, Chuck Swindoll, which will help you LOVE through those issues…

L – listening to your mate?

O – overlooking issues with your mate?

V – valuing your mate?

E – expressing love for your mate?


Marriage & Conflict Resolution •  Premarital Counseling  •  “FORGIVE & LOVE” Premarital Assessment  •  “PRAYER” Resolution Guide  •  5 Love Languages  •  1 Corinthians 13:4-7  •  Before You Say “I Do” • Inquiry Form



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