“PRAYER” Resolution Guide…

This is an assessment tool I developed to help those dealing with a problem, to focus and be guided to a resolution, using these 6 steps…


P – pray to the God who hears

R – renew your mind

A – assess your circumstances

Y – you are responsible

E – exercise your ability to do something about it

R – repent and change your actions



Marriage Prep…

I am not a licensed or clinically trained counselor, but as a church pastor I am sometimes available to meet with a couple who would like to talk about your current relationship status and improving it or preparing for it. You may also enjoy these Marriage Prep resources: Marriage Preparation • Premarital Counseling  •  “FORGIVE & LOVE” Premarital Assessment  •  “PRAYER” Resolution Guide • 5 Love Languages  •  1 Corinthians 13:4-7  •  Conflict Assessment  •  Marriage Prep Inquiry