I may have officiated 5000 weddings, but I have also photographed over 1000 weddings and together with my children we have photographed close to 2000 ceremonies.

Please scroll down this page to learn about some no-cost photography options and some low-cost keepsake photography options.

Photography Options

If you are looking for some helpful photography options or just wondering what to do about photos for your simple wedding or elopement or vow renewal celebration, let me share with you some ways I may be able to help…

FREE I am happy to give a referral to a professional full-time photographer. In fact, I will be happy to send you some recommendations. 

FREE I am happy to take photos with your own camera or smartphone. My officiating fee is for scheduling my time and once I’m there, I am more than happy to take photos with your camera or smartphone, at no additional cost. I can even take a few photos on my own smartphone and immediately email them to you, at no cost

$50 –  I have a professional Nikon D5000 camera with customized lens and for an additional $50.00 fee I am happy to bring it and take some photos, if you don’t require a lot of photos. I do take photos during the ceremony, because my wedding ceremony is memorized and I actually will take photos throughout, including the ring exchange and kiss. I am happy to take some photos afterwards, too. The cost has more to do with the actual processing time from camera to laptop to USB to mailing and is ideal if you only want up to 50 or more photos (count applies to variables with weather, requests, family, etc.).   



If you want to ask me about photography, please do. Please email me at