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This page is a hold page or a junk drawer page for me where I place things that I may need to find again. Things here may come and go, because I will likely use this page for current writing or research projects, but just know that something here does not necessarily mean my endorsement.


Bible Study

Online Commentaries: David Guzik • John Walvoord • Chuck Smith • Ray Stedman

Online Bible: Blue Letter Bible

Online Courses: Biblical Training


Bible Translations

Bill Mounce: Can We Trust Translations?



Steve Wohlberg: Preterism, Historicism, Futurism Explained

Steve Wohlberg: Highlights of Historicism

SDA Church: Methods of Bible Study


Chuck Smith eBooks

Calvary Lake Houston


Prayer Ministry

CrossHope Chapel: Prayer Ministry Helps



NAD SDA Resources on COVID-19

Vaccination: Biblical-Theological Reflection


Grief Support

Music for Grief Coping