Vow Renewals

I gladly officiate Vow Renewal ceremony and help plan a Vow Renewal celebration across the beaches and areas of the Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida Gulf Coast. Vow renewal ceremonies are an excellent way to celebrate your marriage relationship and reinforce your commitment to your spouse.

Every Vow Renewal ceremony I officiate comes with a keepsake certificate, which I will gladly present to you both at the time of the ceremony.

Vow renewal are best known for celebrations of a wedding anniversary, but over the years I’ve officiated vow renewals for many other reasons, too.

Reasons for Ceremony

Here are just some of the reasons, other than an anniversary celebration, why couples choose to have a vow renewal ceremony…

1) to reaffirm marriage following a separation,

2) starting anew after troubling relationship times,

3) after the discovery of terminal illness,

4) couples who previously were married by a judge at a courthouse and want an ordained vocational church minister to officiate,

5) couples who have moved to a new resident/location in retirement and wanting to start together in the twilight years,

6) couples who have made it an annual event,

7) couples whose work causes distance in their residency,

8) as the center piece of a family vacation and reunion with children and grandchildren,

9) couples who married at a destination spot or eloped but want to share the marriage commitment with family present,

10) couples who want to share the marriage celebration with their young children involved in the ceremony.

One couple I met decided that when they got married they would have a vow renewal ceremony in a different state, every year, for their first 50 years of marriage anniversaries!

Perhaps the majority of the vow renewal ceremonies that I have the honor of officiating at the beach or at our chapel, are simple intimate ceremonies with just the couple and sometimes with a few friends or children present.


Vow Renewal Booking…

  • When it comes to scheduling, I treat vow renewals the same as weddings. Please use the availability form below or at my 1) Check Availability page.
  • I use the same ceremony format as I do for a wedding, but just change the wording slightly. Please visit my Ceremony Overview page to learn more.
  • Fees are the same as for a wedding, because the booking is the same. I’m sometimes asked if vow renewal fees are less than wedding officiating, and the reason they are the same is when I’m booked for a vow renewal ceremony, your getting my time in my schedule and it means that I will turn away others who will request the same time in my schedule. Officiating Fees
  • Be sure to let me know if this is a surprise ceremony to one or both of the spouses.
  • I will give you a keepsake 8″ by 11″ parchment Vow Renewal Ceremony Certificate.
  • Please know that I am unable to assist couples for same-gender marriage, vow renewals, commitment, or relationship ceremonies. (CrossHope Chapel Church Officiating Policy ).



Surprise Vow Renewal Celebration…

A very popular way to celebrate a couple’s wedding anniversary is a surprise beach celebration with the family during a Gulf Coast vacation. Typically, the family arranges for a “photo shoot” on the beach, and I show up for the surprise vow renewal celebration!   


Lulu’s Tropical Re-Union Events…

In 2008 I had an idea to have a group vow renewal ceremony and celebration party for the upcoming 2009 Valentines Day, which was going to be on a Saturday. I pitched my idea to three Gulf Shores, Alabama food & beverage establishments, and one signed-up…Lulu’s at Homeport, which is owned and operated by Jimmy Buffett’s sister, Lucy. It was a great success with 150 couples. In 2010, we did it again, but this time we had 450 couples and the ABC Good Morning America crew came down with their cameras and featured it on the show!


Check My Availability…

After you surf around, read some bridal testimonials, see my officiating fees, and feel comfortable with the prospect of me officiating your vow renewal ceremony, please visit my 1) Check Availability page or use the form below to check if I am available.