Fairhope, Alabama…

The bay areas around the Fairhope pier offers a nice location for a simple wedding and I frequently officiate there. Some things to note:

  • You can not walk out on the pier and use it for your wedding ceremony.
  • The city of Fairhope wants to know that you are using the area for your wedding, although their is no charge, and especially if you are planning seating or tents on the lawn.
  • You can contact the Parks department at the City of Fairhope for details and use of the bluff, the duck pond, or other park areas if you are planning for seating and set-up.


Please visit the City of Fairhope website to learn more.


Affidavit Marriage State

Alabama is an “Affidavit Marriage” state, beginning in September 2019. The traditional marriage license is has been replaced by an affidavit document system, which means a couple will need to report to an Alabama county courthouse to register themselves as legally married in the eyes of the state for marriage rights extended by the federal government.

A marriage ceremony is no longer a requirement in order for a marriage to be recognized as legally binding. However, I will still be offering a wedding ceremony, which I will refer to as a “Religious Wedding Ceremony.” You can read more about this at Alabama Affidavit Marriage? page.