Fort Morgan, Alabama…

If you are looking to get married in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fort Morgan, or the nearby Perdido Key beach areas, I hope the information below may be helpful.

There is also a video at my YouTube channel where I talk about tips on getting married on the beaches of the Gulf Shores, and that’ll answer questions, too.

If you are interested in finding the right location for your wedding, let me share a few things with you. The beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are long, deep, and absolutely beautiful. If you have never been there, you will be amazed that you are actually in Alabama.

The cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are supportive of weddings on the beach. You can have a ceremony anywhere on the beach as long it doesn’t intrude on anyone’s private property. There are some State Park locations with signs posted requiring a wedding permit and those are the Gulf State Park Pavilion and Alabama Point.


Affidavit Marriage State

Alabama is an “Affidavit Marriage” state, beginning in September 2019. The traditional marriage license is has been replaced by an affidavit document system, which means a couple will need to report to an Alabama county courthouse to register themselves as legally married in the eyes of the state for marriage rights extended by the federal government.

A marriage ceremony is no longer a requirement in order for a marriage to be recognized as legally binding. However, I will still be offering a wedding ceremony, which I will refer to as a “Religious Wedding Ceremony.” You can read more about this at Alabama Affidavit Marriage? page.


Beach House Rentals

In other words, you will find that one end of the beach is all beach homes and vacation house rentals. You can use that beach space if you are renting the beach house or you will just need to move back on the public areas of the beach.


Condo/Hotel Rentals

If you are staying at a hotel or a condo, you will find the best area to have your wedding ceremony is most likely there. You can walk along ways from the door of your condo to edge of the water.


Public Beach Locations

If you are not staying on the beach but are just coming down to the beach for the ceremony, you will find several public access areas and parks along the beach where you can stop and park and walk unto the beach and have your ceremony.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to get down at the beach and drive along looking at your options Some good ones to consider are…

  • Road 2 beach access, just east of the Gulf State Park Pavilion.
  • The beach area out behind The Hangout. where HWY 59 comes into Gulf Shores.
  • Here is a view of the beach at the Alabama State Park Gulf Shores Pier
  • Here is a view of the beach at the Alabama State Park Cotton Bayou park area in Orange Beach…
  • Here is a view of the beach at the 13th Street access on the west end of Gulf Shores beach boulevard

I generally tell couples to wait until they arrive and have a chance to scope out the area before they pick a spot to have the ceremony. (If I am officiating the wedding, I don’t mind knowing exactly where to go until the day of or the day before, anyway.)


Beach Driving Video Tour…