Mobile, Alabama…

I am an Alabama Notary of Public and able to notarize your Certificate of Marriage when we meet to officiate your wedding. You can read more about the new Alabama process at the Alabama page.

Home Weddings…

Having your wedding ceremony in your home is very popular, whether it’s in your den or out in your back yard.


Public Park Locations…

Cooper Riverside Park is a great option for downtown parks is just down from the Cruise Ship terminal. You can have water view in the background and there is also available parking under the Mobile Convention Center which offers overhangs in case of rain. Cooper Riverside Park is the only downtown park that has bathrooms.

Spanish Plaza (View Map) is about 3 or four blocks down from the Mobile courthouse, on the same side of the Government Street. You have the Courthouse, Government Plaza, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Mardi Gras Museum, and Spanish Plaza. On the other side of Spanish Plaza is the Mobile Chamber of Commerce/Visitors and Convention Bureau. This park is probably the easiest and usually the least crowded. If you ask me which one I prefer, it is Spanish Plaza.

Cathredral Square (View Map) is across from the Catholic Cathedral and one street over from Government Street, directly behind a white Presbyterian Church on Government. The drawback is that it is an open area and can be crowded.

Municipal (Langan) Park is a good option if you are coming down 98 on the Northwest side of Mobile, Alabama.

Washington Square is a more secluded city park, just down the road a mile or so from the courthouse, on the same side of the road, at 251 Chatham Street at the corner of Chatham and Augusta Street.

Let me add a word about meeting in the parks…it is fine with the city for us to meet and have your wedding ceremony, but they will get a little itchy if you bring a wedding party and an audience. If you have more than yourselves and at most a few friends or family, you won’t need to purchase an event permit.

If you are wearing a gown and tux and bringing a group of guests, I would recommend placing a call to the Mobile City Parks department at 251-208-1601.


Affidavit Marriage State

Alabama is an “Affidavit Marriage” state, beginning in September 2019. The traditional marriage license is has been replaced by an affidavit document system, which means a couple will need to report to an Alabama county courthouse to register themselves as legally married in the eyes of the state for marriage rights extended by the federal government.

A marriage ceremony is no longer a requirement in order for a marriage to be recognized as legally binding. However, I will still be offering a wedding ceremony, which I will refer to as a “Religious Wedding Ceremony.” You can read more about this at Alabama Affidavit Marriage? page.