Thru Revelation

This is an outline of the book of Revelation, referenced here as a guide for our CrossHope Chapel study Thru Revelation starting in the fall of 2021.

Our verse by verse teaching series will allow the prophecy to speak chronologically and in its own context as to the unfolding history of the church. In this series I will give attention to:

      • the gospel in the context of the book of Revelation;
      • the historicist vs dispensational eschatological interpretations of the book of Revelation.


Study Resources

Online Commentaries: David GuzikJohn WalvoordChuck SmithRay Stedman

Online Bible: Blue Letter Bible  Study Helps: Symbols in the BibleNumbers in the Bible


Outline of Revelation


I. Prologue (Revelation 1:1-8)

A. The chain of revelation (Revelation 1:1-2)

B. Promise of blessings to those who adhere (Revelation 1:3)

C. Seven-fold Spirit and greeting (Revelation 1:4-6)

D. Eschatological announcement (Revelation 1:7-8)


II. Seven Churches (Revelation 1:9-3:22)

A. Introductory Vision: Christ in the midst of the seven golden lampstands (Revelation 1:9-20)

1. John on Patmos (Revelation 1:9-11)

2. Vision of Christ (Revelation 1:12-20)

B. The letters to the seven churches (Revelation 2:1 – 3:22)

1. Ephesus, the passionless church (Revelation 2:1-7)

2. Smyrna, the persecuted church (Revelation 2:8-11)

3. Pergamon, the tolerant church (Revelation 2:12-17)

4. Thyatira, the compromising church (Revelation 2:18-29)

5. Sardis, the dead church (Revelation 3:1-6)

6. Philadelphia, the missionary church (Revelation 3:7-13)

7. Laodicea, the arrogant church (Revelation 3:14-22)


III. Seven Seals (Revelation 4:1-8:1)

A. Introductory Vision: The Enthronement of the Lamb (Revelation 4:1 – 5:14)

1. General scene of worship (Revelation 4:1-11)

2. A heavenly crisis (Revelation 5:1-4)

3. Resolution of the crisis (Revelation 5:5-7)

4. Perpetual celebration of results (Revelation 5:8-14)

B. The opening of the seven seals (Revelation 6:1 – 8:1)

1. The white horse–victorious conquest (Revelation 6:1-2)

2. The red horse–war (Revelation 6:3-4)

3. The black horse–famine (Revelation 6:5-6)

4. The pale horse–pestilence (Revelation 6:7-8)

5. The cry of the martyrs (Revelation 6:9-11)

6. The final eschatological events, (Revelation 6:12 – 7:17)

a. The wicked and the wrath of the Lamb (Revelation 6:12-17)

b. The righteous: 144,000 sealed saints (Revelation 7:1-8)

c. An innumerable multitude (Revelation 7:9-17)

7. Silence in heaven (Revelation 8:1)


IV. Seven Trumpets (Revelation 8:2-11:18)

A. Introductory Vision: A view of trumpets, the altar of incense and the end of intercession (Revelation 8:2-6)

B. The sounding of the seven trumpets (Revelation 8:7 – 11:18)

1. A plague falls to earth–hail and fire (Revelation 8:7)

2. A burning mountain sinks into the sea (Revelation 8:8-9)

3. A polluting star falls on the rivers and springs (Revelation 8:10-11)

4. A plague partially darkens the heavenly bodies (Revelation 8:12)

a. Announcement of three further woes (Revelation 8:13)

5. A scourge of darkness and locusts arises from the Abyss to attack unsealed humanity (Revelation 9:1-11)

a. Transition from first to second woe (Revelation 9:12)

6. Preparation for the eschatological battle (Revelation 9:13 – 11:13)

a. The wicked: Four angels at the Euphrates release an army of two hundred million horsemen to destroy a third of humanity (Revelation 9:13-21)

b. The righteous: The little book (Revelation 10:1-11) and the two witnesses (Revelation 11:1-13)

c. Transition from second to third woe (Revelation 11:14)

7. The mystery of God is finished (Revelation 10:7)

8. Christ claims His everlasting Kingdom (Revelation 11:15-18)


V. Seven Signs (Revelation 11:19-15:4)

A. Introductory Vision: The Ark of the Covenant is seen (Revelation 11:19)

B. The showing of seven signs (Revelation 12:1 – 15:4)

1. The woman, the dragon and the remnant (Revelation 12:1-17)

2. The beast from the sea (Revelation 13:1-10)

3. The beast from the earth (Revelation 13:11-18)

4. The 144,000 with the Lamb on Mt. Zion (Revelation 14:1-5)

5. The three angel’s messages (Revelation 14:6-13)

6. The harvest of the earth (Revelation 14:14-20)

a. The righteous grain is harvested (Revelation 14:14-16)

b. The wicked vintage is crushed outside the city (Revelation 14:17-20)

7. The saved beside the sea of glass sing the song of Moses and the Lamb (Revelation 15:1-4)


VI. Seven Bowls (Revelation 15:5-16:21)

A. Introductory Vision: God’s glory fills the heavenly tabernacle; no one can enter it (Revelation 15:5 – 16:1)

B. The pouring out of the seven censer-bowls (Revelation 16:2-21)

1. A plague strikes the earth–boils (Revelation 16:2)

2. A plague strikes the sea–blood (Revelation 16:3)

3. A plague strikes the rivers and springs–blood (Revelation 16:4-7)

4. A plague strikes the sun–burning heat (Revelation 16:8-9)

5. A plague of darkness on the throne of the beast (Revelation 16:10-11)

6. The great river Euphrates dries up (Revelation 16:12-16)

a. The wicked: demonic spirits gather the kings for Armageddon (Revelation 16:13-14,16)

b. The righteous: conditions for blessing (Revelation 16:15)

7. “It is done”–Babylon falls (Revelation 16:17-21)


VII. Seven Judgments (Revelation 17:1-18:24)

A. Introductory Vision: The Harlot of Babylon (Revelation 17:1-6)

B. Seven Messages of Judgment (Revelation 17:7 – 18:24)

1. The prostitute and the beast (Revelation 17:7-18)

2. The dwelling of demons  (Revelation 18:1-3)

3. God call His people (Revelation 18:4-8)

4. Kings of the Earth (Revelation 18:9-10)

5. Merchants of Earth (Revelation 18:11-17)

6. Seafaring People (Revelation 18:18-19)

a. Rejoicing for judgment (Revelation 18:20)

7. Final destruction of Babylon (Revelation 18:21-24)


VIII. Seven Visions (Revelation 19:1-22:5)

A. Introductory Vision: Celebration in heaven over Babylon’s fall (Revelation 19:1-10)

B. The final scenes of time (Revelation 19:11 – 22:5)

1. The Word of God on the white horse (Revelation 19:11-16)

2. An angel gathers the flesh-eating birds (Revelation 19:17-18)

3. The battle of Armageddon (Revelation 19:19-21)

a. The wicked defeated (Revelation 19:19)

b. The righteous victorious (Revelation 19:20-21)

4. The 1000 years (Revelation 20:1-5

a. Dragon thrown into the abyss (Revelation 20:1-3)

5. Enthroned with Christ (Revelation 20:4-10)

6. Judgment of the dead (Revelation 20:11-15)

7. The New Heaven and New Earth (Revelation 21:1-8)

a. The New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:9 – 22:5)

b. Description of the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:9-27)

c. The city’s source of life (Revelation 22:1-5)


IX. Epilogue (Revelation 22:6-21)

A. Jesus is returning (Revelation 22:6-19)

B. Closing Benediction (Revelation 22:20-21)