Daily Devotional

Please join me in a daily email devotional journey based on my book, Hope thru Scripture. This devotional will take you through 365 selected Bible promises in chronological order from Genesis to Revelation, each with my brief textual insight, pastoral encouragement, and prayer application.

Each devotional takes less than one-minute to read but it will strengthen your spiritual life through the principles of God’s Word. You’ll grow in your faith as you meditate on the day’s Bible promise, and you’ll gain a good grasp of the unfolding gospel message of Scripture as laid-out from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

Available for free by email subscription or can be read daily at my social media accounts. It’s convenient to join at any time during the year. Once you subscribe, each daily devotional is emailed to your inbox at 3:00 AM CST so it’s there when you awake. Please click the subscribe button below to sign-up…

January (Genesis – Nehemiah)  February (Job – Psalm)  March (Psalm- Proverbs)  April (Proverbs – Isaiah)  May (Isaiah – Jeremiah)  June (Jeremiah – Zechariah)  July (Zechariah – Matthew)  August (Mark – John)  September (John – Romans)  October (Romans – Philippians)  November (Philippians – 1 Peter)  December (1 Peter – Revelation)