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Join me on a free daily devotional journey through 365 selected Bible verses in chronological order from Genesis to Revelation with brief textual insight, pastoral encouragement, and prayer application. 

These emailed devotionals are from my book Hope thru Scripture, and each day’s reflection takes less than one-minute to read while aiming to strengthen your spiritual life and biblical literacy as you grow your faith from the Old Testament to New Testament.


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January (Genesis – Nehemiah)  February (Job – Psalm)  March (Psalm- Proverbs)  April (Proverbs – Isaiah)  May (Isaiah – Jeremiah)  June (Jeremiah – Zechariah)  July (Zechariah – Matthew)  August (Mark – John)  September (John – Romans)  October (Romans – Philippians)  November (Philippians – 1 Peter)  December (1 Peter – Revelation)