Beach Wedding & Vow Renewal Officiating

Pastor Steve Durkac Beach Wedding Officiant and PhotographerIf you’re looking for a church pastor to officiate your Christian beach wedding ceremony, simple elopement, or vow renewal, I may be able to help…

My name is Steve Durkac and I am the pastor of CrossHope Chapel, a non-denominational fellowship in west Mobile, Alabama and a long-time Gulf Coast beach wedding officiant who helps brides and grooms heading to the shores of Mississippi, Alabama, NW Florida to have a simple, meaningful, and legal wedding ceremony officiated by a vocational ordained church minister.

It has been my honor to have officiated over 4000 weddings and vow renewals in homes, at city parks, and at the beaches and areas of Biloxi • Gulf Shores •  Pensacola Beach • Dauphin Island • Mobile • Point Clear • Fairhope • Fort Morgan •  Gulfport •  Hattiesburg • Orange Beach • Perdido Key • Navarre Beach • Fort Walton • Destin or our West Mobile Chapel since 2003 when I was a hospital chaplain.


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Over 15 Years…

It’s not uncommon for me to receive a phone call from a bride or family member panicking because the officiant they booked hadn’t showed up. Thanks to online ordination, many photographers and wedding planners have become “ministers” not because of a church calling, but because of a desire to build another stream of income.

I don’t take a salary from my church, CrossHope Chapel in Mobile, Alabama so the officiating fees keep me involved in ministry. I have been in vocational pastoral church ministry for over 30-years and offer a laid-back, yet dignified meaningful wedding or vow renewal ceremony and who acknowledge my church’s Wedding Officiating Policy.

Read some of the many unsolicited Bridal Reviews. If I am unavailable to officiate your wedding, I will happily direct you to other church ordained ministerial friends who may be available, and you can still enjoy the planning helps available here or at my social media.


“Thank you so much for officiating our ceremony… Thanks to you we had a solemn, yet giggly and wonderful time. Your presence and demeanor made everything joyful and calm.” -RebeccaLynn and Larry  [more reviews]


Simple Ceremony…   

Pastor Steve Durkac Beach Wedding Officiant and PhotographerOver the many years that I have officiated simple weddings along the Gulf Coast, I have received hundreds of unsolicited testimonials from brides and groom and you can read a large sampling of those at my Bridal Review page.

Evangelical ceremony officiating as a beach wedding minister has become an active ministry for me, realizing that finding an actual clergyman for your wedding ceremony, as a destination bride or Gulf Coast resident, can be difficult, and with recent court trends, and the need to avoid the legal risks associated with using a wrong officiant, I recognize the need for assurance and trust as the basis for choosing a minister that is right for you (and responsible enough to show up! I actually get calls from panicking brides, because their minister was a no-show).

Beach Weddings and Vow Renewals with Pastor Steve Durkac OfficiatingI officiate over 250 weddings annually along the Gulf Coast, including consultation and coordinating services that otherwise would have added additional cost to the budgets. After officiating so many weddings, both small and large, simple to extravagant, outdoor to indoor, with every possible kind of family dynamics you can imagine, I will be available to answer your planning questions, help with bridal party coordination, or even to take photos with your camera – no additional fees.

I will freely share my experience and destination planning tips with brides through my F.A.Q. menu and pages, including planning videos and beach tour videos. I believe that a casual, yet attentive, wedding can offer a more intimate ceremony with lasting memories and I want to make that planning process convenient and less stressful, for you!

Your Wedding Ceremony is a 20-page saddle stitch book that I use at my weddings and leave with the newly weds to enjoy it as a keepsake and a tool to grow in love beyond the wedding.


“Great all around guy , very pleasant to deal with along with great communication. We were running behind 30 minutes and he said no worries take your time, very easy to talk to like you’ve known him your whole life. Would recommend him to anyone getting married. Thanks Steve!” – Darin & Deborah  [more reviews]


As Seen on TV…  

Pastor Steve Durkac Gulf Coast Beach Wedding Officiant

ABC Good Morning America TV

My unique ministry has been featured on Fox News and Christian Television Network. Some couples still seek me out to officiate their ceremony because of my 15-minutes of fame on ABC Good Morning America television show in 2010 when I officiated a world record attempt vow renewal for Lulu’s in Gulf Shores with close to 500 couples at big Tropical Re-union Vow Renewal Ceremony.

My ceremonies are always non-denominational, but never non-religious because I will always include a brief prayer of blessing upon the couple. If you do object to prayer I can give you some tips on finding a non-religious officiant. You can view a video at my Ceremony Overview page and hear me discuss the flow of my typical wedding ceremony.

As you may know, most pastors require you to be a member of their church or make 12 trips to their office to talk about your ex-spouses complaints, problems with your past, issues with communication, bla, bla, bla,…but I’m guessing you’re not looking to get married by the Pope or seeking sainthood status before your honeymoon.

You probably just want the dignity of an ordained Christian minister to add an authentic touch to the moment, while being meaningful and respectful to your day, with a dash of humor to ease some stress without taking away from the solemn experience!

Pastor Steve Durkac Beach Wedding Officiant and PhotographerIt was while working as a hospital chaplain that I began to receive requests to officiate weddings for couples coming to the beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. I had to put up this web site to help curtail the phone calls that were interrupting my patient visits.

I’m very comfortable officiating for various church backgrounds, too. I pastor a nondenominational church and served for several years as a Hospital Chaplain. I also have a diverse personal background, I grew-up Catholic, and become Protestant, after a miracle conversion experience (personal testimony) and have served in ministry as an ordained minister and pastor with Adventist churches, Southern Baptist, and today serve as pastor for a Nondenominational Bible Church.


“Steve was so wonderful! He was very professional and even made us laugh. He was the perfect choice for our small wedding. Thank you!” -Jessica & Dennis  [more reviews]


Easy Elopement…

What you see here, is what you get. No pretending religiosity or uptight attitude. I have had photographers tell me they enjoy it when their brides have me officiating, because as a beach wedding officiant my ceremony flows smoothly and my experience makes it easy to deliver a simple yet meaningful wedding, while working with last minute adaptations.

I’ve officiated weddings with budgets that have ranged from $50 to $50,000. I’ve had them at restaurants, parking lots, churches, barns, bars, dance clubs, hotels, homes, Walmart’s, McDonalds, truck stops, interstate rest areas, city parks, the beach, a small island, and even on the U.S.S. Alabama battleship (I’ve turned down underwater scuba and deep sea fishing trip weddings).

I do not require a deposit, but instead, if you have a change of plans after you book me, all I ask is that you let me know it’s canceled so I can help another bride or spend time with my family, and avoid the travel to your booked location.


“WOW!  We were SO fortunate to have found you to officiate our Wedding. We Truly appreciate you… Our wedding was so beautiful to us and you made it so meaningful! Thank you so much!”  – Jennie & Danny  [more reviews]


Photography Help…

Pastor Steve Durkac Beach Wedding Officiant and PhotographerAt the F.A.Q. page you’ll find answers to questions like fees, marriage license, etc. with Blog Posts and video tours of the beach areas available to you for your wedding.

I offer, but do not require formal premarital counseling. Instead, I have some Marriage Care resources to help couples work through some things regarding their upcoming marriage. I do not require any specific church or faith affiliation, nor do I care to see skeletons from your closet or explore past relationship issues. I am happy to help you start right again, regardless of how many agains, with an evangelical clergyman who will be here for you in the future.

Pastor Steve Durkac Beach Wedding Officiant and PhotographerIf you visit our Photography page you’ll be able to learn about some no-cost photography and affordable keepsake photography options if one of my children are available on your wedding date to help with that.

The fee for my services as a beach wedding officiant is for my time, getting in my schedule, and receiving assurance that I will certainly be there to make your wedding ceremony happen – legally and lovingly! The little extra bonus that you get for giving me the honor of officiating is planning assistance and future pastoral care availability.


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Planning Assistance…

Beach Weddings and Vow Renewals with Pastor Steve Durkac Officiating

I’m fine with last-minute plans. It’s fine if you won’t know the exact spot where you want to have your ceremony until you arrive and have a chance to look around. I will come to your location of choice, rather than asking you to come to my spot on the beach, I’ll go to where it is convenient for you – your home, your condo, hotel, beach house, public beach where there is parking.

Usually the best spot on the beach is just out back at the condo or hotel where you are staying. I will also tell you that I don’t mind if you want to wait until you get down to coast and drive up and down the boulevard and even let me know the day of where to meet you.

Pastor Steve Durkac Beach Wedding Officiant and PhotographerEveryone on the beach respects a wedding and if you are down at a busy time, you’ll hear a loud applause when the groom kisses the bride. If it is a rainy day, which is not that often and usually passes quickly, but if it is a rare bad rain day, there are a few public gazebos where I’ve done a few weddings, before.  

After you surf around, read some bridal testimonials, see my officiating fees, view some videos, and feel comfortable with the prospect of me officiating your wedding, please see about Booking me to officiate. If I am unavailable, I will be happy to give you the name of another clergyman or officiant that is available or better suited for your situation. If you have any questions please contact me!

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