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• Our Father God [February 3, 2023] — When it comes to prayer, the very first words Jesus taught us to use in approaching God is “Our Father.” He is actually asking us to call His Father, Our Father! What welcome we are given as members of the heavenly family! He assures us of our divine relationship with God…read more

• Prayer is for Praise [January 31, 2023] — Most people would consider the practice of prayer as the means of getting what one might want from their God, but true biblical prayer is much more than just asking. During the “Sermon on the Mount” Jesus included instruction on how to pray. When we examine His lesson on prayer…read more

• Dying to Yourself [January 26, 2023] — I have a theory that our problems of self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety, and probably a lot of other internal conflicts are caused by not dying to self. What I mean is, I think the more we allow our minds to think upon ourselves, internally thinking about what we lack or…read more

• Worship is Cultural [January 25, 2023] — This is not something new for me to say, but I think worship — the way we worship — is very much dependent on our culture. On any given Sunday morning we’ll find churches with various formats to their worship programs. Some are very liturgical and some are very laid back…read more

• Church Without Church [January 11, 2023] — In our modern American vernacular the term “church” often refers to a building where people meet on Sunday mornings for worship. However, the biblical definition of church is really those called out of the world to follow Christ Jesus. So my headline for this post is…read more

• Looking Ahead in 2023 [January 7, 2023] — I’m trying to think about what’s ahead in this new year and I’m drawing a blank. I’m finding that I can’t think much beyond what’s on my schedule for the coming week. I’m not finding the energy or the motivation to optimistically set goals or lay plans that will pave the way…read more

• When It’s Our Time [December 20, 2022] — Working in a hospital as a chaplain means that I am often present when a death is about to occur or has occurred. There are areas in the hospital, like the Emergency Room, where nurses will comment upon seeing me and exclaim, “Oh no, what’s happening.” For me being present…read more

• Don’t Succumb to Fear [December 5, 2022] — I recently watched a documentary that showed a potential link between COVID vaccines and sudden deaths. Several morticians talked about the rise of odd blood clots that appear long and rubbery. Stats on birthing decline and an increase of cancer deaths were also shared…read more

• End-of-Life Family Conflict [November 28, 2022] — Facing the end-of-life of a loved one or a family member tends to raise the stress level of the would-be survivors. There are decisions that must be made in cooperation with the medical team and there is the weight of knowing that decisions will need to be made post-medical care…read more

• How to Pray When Dying [November 10,2022] — During the height of the COVID pandemic I got a text message from a patient who was dying. She was about 30 days into an isolation stay and the medical team had given up hope of being able to do anything to help. The patient was a nurse and we texted during…read more

• Absent from the Body, Present with the Lord? [October 31, 2022] — I want to address two statements by the Apostle Paul that are commonly known by the phrase, “Absent from the body, present with the Lord.” The first of these is in 2 Corinthians 5:8 which states, “We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be…read more

• Immortality of the Unsaved? [October 5, 2022] — Billy Graham often said “We will all live forever somewhere, either in Heaven or in Hell.” However, is that really true? Is that really what is stated in the Bible? As much as I liked and admired Billy Graham, I have to admit that every time I heard him say that…read more