Today’s Daily Promise 

Join me in a daily devotional journey, offered free by email subscription or softcover book, bringing you 365 selected Bible promises in chronological order from Genesis to Revelation, from January to December, each with brief textual insight, pastoral encouragement, and prayer application. It’s convenient to subscribe any time during the year, easy to read on any device, and delivered to your inbox each morning at 3:00 AM CST so it’s there when you wake up[learn more]


 Bible Study Helps

God’s Word is the clear source of truth, encouragement, and hope for these times. At this site you’ll find my personal study helps like a Topical Verse Finder tool for searching over 375 subjects with related Scripture, a 7-lesson PDF download or online Bible Study Guides, an instructional study in Prayer is the Answer, a gospel study at Good News, Bad News, free PDF Downloads on various study topics, and my Twitter-length Sentence Sermons for every day of the year[learn more]


 Blog Articles

Over 300 articles are searchable at the Blog Archive page by  titles, dates, topics or at these five category pages: Bible Answers (answers to questions on doctrine), Marriage Notes (relationship and beach wedding help), Mere Observations (miscellaneous perspectives),  Pastoral Notes (encouragement in biblical Christian faith), Simpler Church (best practices for simple church communities), and Thru Revelation (studies in this prophetic book)... [learn more] 


 Prayer is the Answer

If you will learn to pray as Jesus taught His disciples you will forever have spiritual strength to draw from as life unfolds its circumstances of trials, hardships, and problems. My book Prayer is the Answer, available from Amazon, shares the powerful and practical principles of biblical prayer as the answer to problems and difficulties of life. Discover the four principles and practices that make personal and corporate prayer a true meaningful and effective joy for the follower of Jesus[learn more] 


 Beach Weddings

I have officiated 5000+ beach weddings and vow renewals along Gulf Coast Alabama, Mississippi, Northwest Florida, and in 2010 was featured on ABC Good Morning AmericaFox News, and the Christian Television Network. In that year I officiated a Valentines Day mass wedding vow renewal at Lulu’s at Homeport restaurant in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I’m no longer available to officiate as I once was, because I have gone back to full-time hospital chaplaincy work… [learn more]


 Laughter Care

A little known fact about me…I am an actual Certified Laughter Leader having taken the necessary training to facilitate therapeutic laughter programs for caregivers and disease support groups seeking self-care edu-tainment and coping strategies for well-being. While working as a hospital chaplain on the Gulf Coast during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I began to notice that patients who suddenly found a reason to laugh, also took a turn in their healing… [learn more]