Dying, Grieving, and Biblical Faith

I am a hospice chaplain on the Alabama Gulf Coast and this site is where I share encouragement on the topics of dying, grief, and biblical faith.

At the Blog Search page you’ll find over 300 articles offering quick help on these topics and others, in eight different topical categories including Bereavement, Bible Answers, Ministry Notes, and commentary on the book of Revelation.

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At the Bible Study page you’ll find helpful tools from my days in pastoral church ministry like my seven lesson Study Guides, and the Topical Verse Finder a collection of 389 topics listed in alphabetical order that are linked to a page with Bible verses on that topic.

At the Books page you’ll find information on my 39-page resource Dying and Grieving: What Loved Ones Can Expect, about helping people understand end-of-life spiritual issues, healthcare choices, and guidance in navigating the end-of-life journey.

At the Site Map page you’ll get a complete overview of all pages and subjects available at this website. Please Contact me if you have any questions regarding what you may find here.