This site is where I write on topics of bereavement, biblical faith, and my daily email devotional which you can subscribe to at the Daily Devotional page. This free devotional is called Hope thru Scripture, it takes less than one-minute to read, and will take you on a journey through 365 selected Bible promises in chronological order from Genesis to Revelation with my brief textual insight, pastoral encouragement, and prayer application.


Bible Study Helps

At the Bible Study Helps page you’ll find some tools to digger deeper in God’s Word, like my Topical Verse Finder, a collection of 389 topics with related Bible verses, my 7-lesson Bible Study Guides, an online study Guide to Biblical Prayer, a look at the gospel at Good News, Bad News, and my Revelation Study Notes.


New Resource

Dying and Grieving: What Loved Ones Can Expect is a 39-page small softcover book is written to help families and friends dealing with end-of-life spiritual issues, healthcare choices, and guidance in navigating a journey of grief. It is easy to read, understand, and simple in explaining what to expect when facing medical decisions, understanding life-saving options, and encouragement for spiritual support. Visit the Books page for more information.


Pastoral Posts

All of my 375+ blog posts are available at the Pastoral Posts page, where they can be searched by topical categories or by most recent posts in chronological order. Below are some highlighted popular posts…