I am a church pastor by vocation, currently serving as a hospital chaplain, with a purpose to turn hearts toward God’s Word as the source of truth, encouragement, and hope in the midst of trials, disappointments, and the circumstances of life.

This site is where you’ll find my Topical Verse Finder tool for searching over 375 subjects for related Scripture, a 7-lesson download or online Bible Study Guides, an instructional course on Biblical Prayer, some free PDF Downloads, over 300 Blog Articles in categories like Bible Answers, Simpler Church, Teaching Notes, and my Twitter-length Sentence Sermons for every day of the year.


Daily Devotionals

Join me in a daily devotional journey, offered free by email subscription, bringing you 365 selected Bible verses in chronological order from Genesis to Revelation with brief textual insight, pastoral encouragement, and prayer application. It’s convenient to join this email devotional list any time during the year, easy to read on any device, and delivered to your inbox at 3:00 AM CST so it’s there when you awake. Visit the devotional archives at or sign-up at the Subscription Form!