Simple Wedding Ceremony Planning Guide will explain the Six Parts to Plan, Presentation of the Bride, Ceremony Introduction, Exchange of Vows, Exchange of Rings, Pronouncement of Marriage, Three Ways to Vow, Five Parts of a Vow, Creating Personal Vows, Example Vows, and Verbs for Vows.


This practical guide will help you choose your most meaningful and memorable ways to exchange vows, rings, presentation, pronouncements, and special features like the sand ceremony.


118 pages softcover perfect-bound


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Contents: Part I — The Ceremony 1) Six Parts to Plan; 2) Presentation of the Bride; 3) Ceremony Introduction; 4) Exchange of Vows; 5) Exchange of Rings; 6) Special Ceremony Feature; 7)Pronouncement of Marriage; Part II — The Vows 8) Three Ways to Vow; 9) A Solemn Promise; 10) Five Parts of a Vow; 11) Creating Personal Vows; 12) Example Vows; 13) Verbs to Vow; Part III — The Supplements 14) The Grandma Story; 15) Dr. Seuss Vows; 16) The Sand Ceremony; 17) Native American Wedding Blessing; 18) Irish Wedding Blessing