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  • Bible AnswersPosts related to Bible theology, questions on doctrine, objections, difficult passages, apparent contradictions, and awkward phrasing.
  • Mere Observations Posts related on miscellaneous observations, personal perspectives, and some thoughts from the view of my life as adopted child.
  • Once AdventistPosts related to my perspective, background, experience, and good will insights from being a former Seventh-day Adventist minister and church pastor.
  • Pastoral NotesPosts related to my church ministry at CrossHope Chapel of ministering the Word of God to our fellowship as a pastor and teacher.
  • Prophecy Outlook  — Posts related to Bible prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, interpretive views of eschatology, and encouragement from signs of the times.
  • Simpler Church — Posts related to best practices of pastoral ministry and leadership for simpler expressions of church communities. 
  • Spiritual Care — Posts related to help and care for coping with stress, loss, and critical incidents in individual, family, or organizations.
  • Wedding Ceremony — Posts are questions answered on planning simple beach wedding, vow renewal celebration, or a Covenant Marriage Ceremony that I am officiating.