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  • Bereavement Care — 28 posts related to preparing for end-of-life and coping, growing, and understanding the experience of grieving our losses.
  • Bible Answers — 66 posts related to answering questions on doctrine, objections, difficult passages, apparent contradictions, and awkward phrasing.
  • Biblical Reflections — 24 posts that share devotional thoughts on a Bible verse that offer principles, strategies, or inspiration for everyday Christian faith.
  • Deeper Faith — 64 posts offering encouragement for Christian growth, spiritual well-being, and insights into successfully coping with the disappointments of life.
  • Mere Observations — 42 posts of miscellaneous topics but personal in perspective, commentary, and thoughts from my clergy world and view of life.
  • Ministry Notes — 45 posts related to best practices for chaplains, pastoral care, and leadership for simpler expressions of church communities.
  • Revelation Notes — 21 posts offer the study notes from my verse-by-verse teaching series at CrossHope Chapel and other reflections on its end-time message.
  • Wedding Notes — 24 posts mostly from my former ministry of officiating 5000+ beach weddings and encouraging relationship care through applying biblical principles.


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