You will need a marriage license from the state in which you plan to get married in, before I can officiate your wedding. The marriage license gives me the legal authority to officiate and make your union legal.

NEW IN 2018: Some states like Texas, and some counties in Tennessee and Arkansas have begun issuing marriage licenses to their citizens that are valid for solemnizing (legal term for ceremony officiating) within any state in the United States. So it may be worth checking with your home county about if their marriage license is now valid down here on the coast.    

In a nutshell, you can get your marriage license at any county courthouse from within the state you are getting married at. You’ll pay around $70.00 in Alabama, $25 in Mississippi, and in Florida about $95, you’ll need to show a photo ID and your proof of social security number, depending on the state the marriage license is good for 30 days from the date of purchase, it is good for a minister to officiate immediately, no witnesses are required, but check with the county courthouse to be certain on these things.

(In the fall of 2019 Alabama will become an “Affidavit Marriage” state, so I will be offering Alabama Covenant Marriage Ceremonies when that new marriage law goes into effect.)


Gulf Coast Counties & Marriage License Information…