If you want to add a nice meaningful touch to your wedding ceremony, consider adding a sand ceremony. It is popular down here on the beach and is much like the unity candle ceremony that you may have seen in a church wedding.

The idea behind it goes back to biblical times when covenants were made between two parties and the blending of each parties’ sand indicated their pledge to the covenant they made.

Just as it would be impossible to undue and extract the individual grains of sand back to their original vessel, so it would be impossible to undue the covenant and its change upon the lives involved.

The sand ceremony isn’t just for a beach wedding, but is also good for formal or indoor ceremony. Unlike the unity candle, the blended sand remains in your vase, just you poured it during your ceremony, so you can preserve it at home to tell the story to your grandchildren.

There is no additional cost for me to add the sand ceremony into your wedding. The only cost for the sand ceremony is whatever it may cost you to purchase the containers and/or color sand. The sand ceremony also fits perfectly into the flow of the overall wedding right after the vows and ring exchange.


Beach Sand or Color Sand?

Most couples use the sand at the beach and bring glass containers with them. However, you can use color sand and even involve children by using several colors of sand.

Arts and craft stores like Micheal’s, Hobby Lobby, have color sand. You can get a nice vase or glass vessel at Wal-Mart, or that big Pottery store, whatever its name is, but the one with miles of glass, wood, and metal stuff.


Video Explanation…

About half way through this video I will talk about the sand ceremony. In the first half I just give a general overview on getting married at the beach in Gulf Shores.



 Blog Post…

Here is the wording for my Sand Ceremony.