Sentence Sermons

August 1

Teaching doctrine requires a deep digging comparing verse with verse. It’s necessary hard work but if you won’t wield the shovel, don’t pretend that you are preaching God’s Word.

August 2

The Bible uses the euphemism “walk” to denote our daily life as a disciple of Christ. It doesn’t say run or nap, but walk because it is all about deliberate, consistent, forward, individual steps.

August 3

Many with only an outward form of religion are conforming to the world. Their fear of being at odds with family and friends is more powerful than the faith they have claimed to believe.

August 4

The limit of God’s forbearance will be reached and wrath will silence the war against His saints. The martyrs crying for justice will be answered and Christ will restore His Kingdom.

August 5

As time runs out, Christians will be victims of indignation because of their refusal to accept cultural iniquity. But no degree of hate or injustice will prevent the Lord from vindicating His followers.

August 6

Satan stirs up strife among those who claim Christ so he can point to his claim of Scripture’s inadequacy. He will answer his Creator, but let’s stop helping him by feeling a need to react to all we disagree with.

August 7

Sometimes your witness will repel others, but that’s not within your control. Christian character and conduct is often a constant rebuke to those who refuse Jesus’ saving grace.

August 8

Every man is capable of betraying Jesus as did Judas. If we dwell on our covetous wants more than the mercies of our Lord, we too can harden our hearts and lose all compassion for others.

August 9

We can only trust our hand in the hand of Jesus. Churches that once brought us confidence from their stand on truth are giving heed to seducing spirits, but we can not safely walk in social compromise.

August 10

There are many who have not abandoned truth. Like the stars which are only made known in deep darkness these quietly faithful ones will shine as powerful witnesses against error.

August 11

The half-hearted Christian will yield his faith when confronted by a hater of truth. They will flip flop and deny whatever it takes to be accepted, but the true Christian will stand firm as a rock.

August 12

Jesus was hated without cause by men who want no God but themselves. His life brought a conviction of their own sin and their unwillingness to repent stirred up their unfounded hate.

August 13

The prospect of facing persecution does not need to worry us. In times of peril and danger the Spirit of God will manifest His power upon us and through us as we stand unwavering in Christ.

August 14

Our country has been blessed beyond others because it has been an asylum for Bible believers to practice in freedom. Legislation against those freedoms is a reversal of God’s blessings.

August 15

The Lord has given His angels to keep watch over those who follow Him and trust in His word. If you have rejected Jesus Christ and are living as if you are lord, I’m scared for you.

August 16

Some who have risen in ranks of church leadership have abandoned teaching God’s Word to fight for social justice. Had they stayed with the Bible they wouldn’t be stumbling blocks to the church and culture.

August 17

The Lord regards persecution of His followers as done to Himself. God will arise in vengeance for them. Those who scorn and harm His servants for truth’s sake will be silenced.

August 18

Amid the troubling times telling of the near return of Christ and the end of the age, there is a work to be done in inviting others join with us in finding hope through God’s Word.

August 19

While Jesus is preparing our mansions in glory, we should be preparing are hearts to receive them in gratitude and to occupy them in a manner worthy of a child of the King.

August 20

Many have become crippled by a spirit of strife. They are agitated by those who seem at peace despite being in the same circumstances, but they refuse to know the One who gives the peace.

August 21

The strength of God’s people lie in their faithfulness to Him. There can be no comprise of God’s Word and no bartering for middle ground between truth and error without weakening our faith.

August 22

War was first known in Heaven, not because it is holy, but because sin is so horrific. Evil does not respond to reason and it can not co-exists with peace except as its perpetrators rest in peace.

August 23

All the universe will declare that God’s judgment is just. The fallen angels and unsaved men can not contest their crime against the records of time vindicating the Son of God.

August 24

The time will come when the wicked are raised and rallied for battle, but their rage will turn on Satan. The appearing of King Jesus and His saints will convince them that they have been deceived.

August 25

Satan’s own work is condemning him. He has accused Christ of wrongdoing out of his jealous evil heart and now the leash of God’s patience is exposing his lies.

August 26

Many have trained themselves to war against God. They have made a habit of hating what is pure, true, and just. They have hardened their heart so thoroughly that heaven would be torturous to them.

August 27

In the judgment hall of eternity, a panoramic scene may unfold before the unsaved of every moment from their life when they rejected Jesus Christ and those who followed Him.

August 28

Everyone must die and face God. If you are okay with that, good. If you are not okay with that, go to Jesus now and confess your sins, believe in Him as your Savior, follow Him as your Lord.

August 29

Lightning strikes, molten fires, rivers dried up, earthquakes, destruction of cities, chaos, violence, suicides from fear, but like in Noah’s day God’s people will be secure.

August 30

When the Jewish High Priest raised his hand to heaven in oath of condemnation against the agonizing Christ, he sealed the corporate fate of his nation and sent the gospel to the Gentiles.

August 31

Common sense is not a quality shared with evil. The Son of God brought mercy, healing, and peace but He was repaid with hate, envy, jeering, malice, betrayal, torture, and crucifixion.


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