Sentence Sermons

September 1

Evil angels are not threaten by a religious person. But when a believer claims the name of Jesus for protection, they are driven back by the power of heavenly messengers.

September 2

Except we stand through faith in the name of Jesus and by the word of God, we too could be swept into the deception of counterfeit spirits. Supernatural manifestations are not evidence of God’s work.

September 3

If apostasy in the pulpit is not challenged from the pews, it means the parishioners have already been lulled to sleep. The abandonment of biblical doctrine reveals a Laodicean church.

September 4

John was shown the destruction poured out upon the earth from God’s wrath. He was also shown an innumerable company upon Mount Zion with the Lamb who were redeemed and unscathed.

September 5

Satan seeks to induce those in authority to plot against God’s people with oppressive decrees. But don’t forget how that worked out for Pharaoh, Haman, and King Darius’ governors and satraps..

September 6

Like a parent’s frustration with a toddler’s tangle hair, our lives may be a twisted mess. It is not beyond repair and restoration when we bring it to Jesus who is patient and perfect in redeeming us.

September 7

God will not always be mocked and His saints will not always be vilified. The door of repentance can not stay open forever. God’s just wrath will end the escalation of evil and finally usher in His Kingdom.

September 8

Like those who rejected God’s way and whose cities of the plains were destroyed by fire, the longer we persist in sexual sins the more enslaved we become. Stop, and turn to the Savior to be set free.

September 9

Labor was given to man before the fall to allow us to share in the Creator’s work. The curse of sin has made it difficult but its personal rewards remain for those who will not abdicate it to others.

September 10

God’s Word always supersedes our feelings. When we learn to rule our behavior by our feelings we begin the slide down to a countercurrent of undisciplined, unrestrained, and unrealistic passions.

September 11

The renewing power of God’s grace will carry us beyond our “sinner’s prayer” moment. We are to grow in grace, but we can not unless we recognize we have need of it and we continually seek it.

September 12

When professed Christians unite with the world in approving of sinful pleasures, denying clear truth, and joining the resistance to lawfulness, know that God is starting to separate the goats from sheep.

September 13

The compiling record of unconfessed sin and rejection of grace will one day reach its limit and the books of Heaven will be closed. Then, those that refuse life can have it no longer.

September 14

Satan’s rule of the earth in sinfulness will come to an end and soon the new earth will be ruled by Christ in righteousness. The choice is ours as to whose earth we want to belong to.

September 15

If you have honest doubts, honestly test them with a look at Scripture to prove what is true and what is not, otherwise the unbelief crowd doesn’t care if you blindly follow them to hell.

September 16

Some can’t hear truth because their ears are full with someone else’s beliefs. They have accepted the false opinion of another without testing its validity, as did the one whom they accepted it from.

September 17

The glory of the Gospel is the final end of evil and the eternal redemption of God’s reign of righteousness. We share a message that is not one-sided but complete and perfect.

September 18

The final stretch of your life on earth is a make or break experience based on the foundation built since youth. If you want to go to your rest in peace, you must build your life with the Prince of Peace.

September 19

Don’t be lulled to sleep with a false security that all is well in the land and society’s values are being restored. This is not Heaven and Satan will not relinquish his hold on man until Jesus returns.

September 20

We will not know when Jesus exits Heaven to get His saints on Earth. Yet, that irrevocable decision will be made, so as daily activities demand our attention don’t forget to watch for His appearing.

September 21

The beauty of Creation is a reminder that God is faithful to what’s His. The marring of Creation is a reminder that man is unfaithful to what’s not his, and what’s not his is merely a means to his wants.

September 22

Since his fall to our planet, Satan has been constantly exercising his evil destruction. That will all cease when he is bound a thousand years to a prison of his own destruction without a soul to tempt.

September 23

There will be shouts of praise as the Saints of the ages gather as the redeemed of the Lord. Safe and secure in the Kingdom of God and forever free from annoyance and temptations of the Enemy.

September 24

Our greatest discovery in the afterlife may be meeting the angel assigned to us on Earth. He will be the first to welcome us in the resurrection and help us locate our saved loved ones.

September 25

Only in Heaven will we know how we survived situations we shouldn’t have. God’s providence in our earthly lives will finally be explained with commentary by the same angel who intervened.

September 26

The Savior’s joy in Heaven will be awesome to behold as He welcomes us into the Kingdom. His agony on the cross, humiliation before sinful men, have now become a joy shared by all.

September 27

The consequences of our sin leave a trail into our future, reminding us of our need for the Savior. Don’t rehearse the sin, but give thanks that you have a Savior that brings redemption to your life now.

September 28

The result of Christ’s mission was always before Him. It was not a task or assignment to perform, but His passion to restore the image of God and redeem fallen man to their perfect life and home.

September 29

There will be no strife in Heaven. The vetting of its residents has intentionally been a long and thorough process to keep out those whose character has been molded to oppose lawfulness.

September 30

Skepticism will not arise in Heaven, because we have the vantage point of being redeemed from the destructive effects of sin and the Lord’s nail-scared hands will forever remind us of that.


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