Sentence Sermons

February 1

The Bible is an infallible guide, the rule of life, our counsel under all circumstances and trustworthy even unto the end of our journey of life.

February 2

Weren’t the wise men surprised to find little interest in the Messiah within Israel? Aren’t we surprised to find little interest in Bible prophecy within the church?

February 3

God is testing are commitment to His grace against our loyalty to self. We are either searing our own conscience in rejecting Him through our works or we are sanctifying our walk by faith.

February 4

Let’s not measure ourselves by others or even in comparison to our self, but rather look to the Savior Jesus Christ as our example and pattern.

February 5

The prophets spoke of His coming in fire, a devouring fire, a refiner’s fire of judgment. His divine Presence will be manifested as the Earth is set ablaze in wrath and justice on behalf of His church.

February 6

Stand ready with the personal reason why you believe what you do and no man can honestly refute your own story because its yours, not theirs. They can have their own story of faith.

February 7

Be careful to not unnecessarily offend in word or deed but wait for questions to be asked. You are not compromising your biblical beliefs, you have wisely taken control of the conversation.

February 8

Now is the time to watch and pray, but not just the culture about us, but deeds and thoughts within us. The books of heaven will not be blank but filled with evidence of our Savior’s transforming power in our lives.

February 9

Repentance is as necessary for the long-time follower of Christ as it is for the newly born-again believer. As the Spirit of God surfaces sin in our lives we should submit in repentance.

February 10

A lost life is one given to his own reasoning, one rejecting the grace of Christ upon Calvary’s cross, a life ensnared by vain philosophies of other lost men.

February 11

Let’s be more zealous about our place in the rapture of the church than we are about our place of service in the church this Sunday.

February 12

When Christ returns for His church he will find only those who are looking for His appearing.

February 13

Theft and murder is evidence that men have chosen to be demon possessed rather than Holy Spirit filled.

February 14

We have a hell to shun and a heaven to gain. That’s not a decision made way back when, it’s a choice we are making now in voice, thought, and action.

February 15

Christ will come as a thief for those whose heart, mind, and soul is fixed on anything but Christ’s coming.

February 16

The religious leaders of Jesus’ day were looking for the Christ to bring them prosperity. Some still look toward Him for such, but all the riches of life are not ours from Christ but in Christ.

February 17

A revival of simple godliness and simple gatherings of the church, much like the days of the apostles, may very well hasten our Lord’s return.

February 18

Many sit in churches that give more attention to their entertainment value than to the teaching of Bible truth that warn men of the coming terrible day of the Lord. The Spirit of God is bidding them to leave and find refreshing where God’s Word is taught.

February 19

Satan would love to blot every follower of Christ from the face of the Earth. His influence upon godless men and nation’s increases as we near the return of Christ, but our safety is in the promises of God’s Word and prayer in Jesus’ Name.

February 20

Many are Christians in name only. When times of trouble come to them they will resent the Bible teaching church and find a home in the worldly ranks of those marching under Satan’s banner.

February 21

A few men, here and there in history past, have always been found in high places to hold in check a tide of evil that would otherwise swallow up civilized society’s and the advancement of the gospel.

February 22

Satan has favorite parts of the Bible that he has no objection or reason to prevent from any pulpit. But his anger is kindled when a man of God opens to the timely prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.

February 23

It’s the quick and quickening succession of the signs of the times that is awakening hearts and minds to demand answers from professing Bible believing Christians.

February 24

Our Savior was not a rushed or hurried man during His time on Earth, but He demonstrated a sense of urgency in the hour of history that we ought to replicate.

February 25

While nation’s make void the law of God let’s not swerve or shake in our allegiance to Him and His Word. We have been sealed by His Spirit, we are held in His hand, and no one can remove us from Him without our permission

February 26

Immorality abounds everywhere, but let those who will put away iniquity be a beacon of light in a dark world. Let all repent and find grace in Jesus Christ.

February 27

God is arousing His people to take a stand for truth. Heresy is separating those who claim Christianity like the wheat from the chaff upon the threshing floor.

February 28

Troubles, oppression, and sin have become the prominent headlines of our times so those who profess Christ can stand out as people at peace in these unstable times.

February 29

Prayer is the surrender of self, the admitting of our inability and our need for divine intervention in our life. It is an authentic, honest, and tearful expression of our innermost fear.


Sentence Sermons

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