Sentence Sermons

November 1

All is peace and harmony in Heaven because no proponent of sin will be there. Thankfully, the sowing of doubt, discord and discontent among the saints will not be as it has been here on earth.

November 2

The redeemed of the Lord shall sit with Christ in judgment of both unsaved men and evil angels. Our review of these open books of record shall leave none of us to ever doubt the justice of God.

November 3

Like the early and latter rains, the prophets spoke of an outpouring of God’s Spirit that would begin and conclude the harvest of the redeemed and we should anticipate the final outpouring very soon.

November 4

Unlike the saved, who come forth in immortal youth and beauty, the wicked will arise in the second resurrection for their judgement still bearing traces of disease, marks of death, and a hate for Christ.

November 5

Even if God were to extend another chance or a probation of time for the wicked in the afterlife, they would still evade the law of God and they would still find reason to rebel against Him.

November 6

As Christ descends to the Mount of Olives, to where He ascended after His resurrection, the host of the redeemed and a myriad of holy angels, will witness the purifying of the earth made new.

November 7

For men who have not sought the grace of Christ, the judgement will expose secret sins thought to be hidden. With conviction of memory the crushing guilt of their unconfessed sin will be unbearable.

November 8

He who left the heavenly courts to submit to the suffering of violent men and the pain of crucifixion, will show that He is able to complete what He began when judgment is pronounced on His oppressors.

November 9

Those who stand in defiant rebellion against the laws of God will one day understand, when it is too late, that they have discarded truth and despised reality by foolishly following a lie.

November 10

The gift of eternal life is the reward for those who live their earthly life with the abiding presence of Christ in their hearts. No good deed done is motivated by anything other than love for God and glory to Him.

November 11

The nights Jesus spent in prayer and the times of solitude away from the crowds were sources of refreshing for His public ministry. A pause for connection with God is how we connect with others.

November 12

The fire that consumes the wicked will purify the earth and leave no trace of the curse of sin. Only one thing remains as a reminder and that is the marks of the crucifixion upon the Savior.

November 13

All that has been lost by sin through Satan’s rebellion will be restored. God’s original purpose of Creation in the Garden of Eden will be made new and His redeemed will inherit the Earth forever.

November 14

The privilege of becoming a child of God is infinitely greater than being born into nobility because all people, regardless of means, die. Those adopted by God will not face death but have eternal life.

November 15

Some religious teachers prophecy the world as a reward for your faith; success and prosperity, riches and blessings, but a focus on these temporary gains will stifle your hope in eternity.

November 16

Those who look forward to Heaven because they want the pleasures of indolence will be disappointed. Eternity will not be an idol weekend but a Monday morning of joyful work and activities.

November 17

God appointed Adam to work the Garden, not because Eden needed it but because man needs work for its blessings. Work occupies our mind, strengthens our bodies, and develops our faculties.

November 18

The feet of the wicked shall not desecrate the land of the redeemed. The Earth will be made new, cleansed by fire, restored to Creation, and not a trace of sin’s curse or a reason to fear – forever.

November 19

Many of us love the great seas but they will not be in the new Earth because there can be no separation of peoples in eternity. Neither can there be threats of fierce storms and engulfing waves.

November 20

Open your eyes to the beauty of rolling fields, majestic mountains, tranquil lakes, restful beaches, strong forests, and imagine how much more magnificent the Earth made new will be.

November 21

It will not be long till we see Jesus in the clouds of glory. When we are in His presence, every trial we confronted, each hardship we endured, all sufferings in pain, will fade to insignificance.

November 22

We are as captives in an occupied territory awaiting the return of the true King and His holy angels to restore His Kingdom, renew His Creation, and redeem us from the slavery of sin.

November 23

The Earth made new will reflect what could have been before sin obstructed the Creator’s plan, but watching Adam comprehend the reality of Eden restored will be both a delight and a sacred moment.

November 24

The New Jerusalem will have no temple, no sanctuary designated for worship, because no religious go-between will be needed when our relationship with God will be face to face.

November 25

It is inconceivable that mortal men would intentionally turn from the promised immortal inheritance of God’s grace to struggle for mere temporary gratification that can only promise death.

November 26

Satan is diverting mankind’s minds from glimpses of the goodness of Christ. Happiness, hope, and love are foretastes of Heaven which he seeks to prevent from our daily human experience.

November 27

The Lord is our Shepherd because we are sheep and we are following Him. To those who think they are fearless lions or ravaging wolves, the Lord is your Judge because you threaten His sheep.

November 28

The church will triumph over evil, not because we are meek and mild, but because we are militant with the truth God has entrusted to us. We wear the armor of God because the wicked will assail us.

November 29

A genuine truth seeker will ask questions that every disciple of Christ can answer, either in detail or by personal testimony. A genuine truth hater may appear to ask, but it is a pretense to attack you.

November 30

Our efforts to win others to Christ may seem fruitless, because we are not always permitted to see the results. What great joy many shall have in Heaven learning of those unseen outcomes.


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