Sentence Sermons

January 1

 Do not wait until you change, but come to Christ with all your sin, ills, faults, and problems. Christ will give you a new heart to love as He loves, a new mind to think as He thinks, a new life to live as He lives.

January 2

A work we can hold in our arms is too small. We must pray in broader views, for a bigger impact, and with a vision that recognizes that our Lord came to reach the world.

January 3

Whatever the topic of conversation, uplift Jesus as the reason for hope, the solution to the problem, and the answer to lasting peace.

January 4

Stir the minds of those within your sphere of influence. The church is falling into a sleepy indifference when it comes to our Lord’s return so speak of your Blessed Hope as often as you can.

January 5

I suspect that the church era will close with the same manifestation of the power of God as it begun. We don’t want to be caught up with the counterfeit, but we should recognize the Holy Spirit’s outpouring.

January 6

Only God the Father knows the hour of our Lord’s return, but it’s closer today than yesterday and I am all for hastening it with my words and deeds.

January 7

Truth may appear at times to be overshadowed, but it is guarded by God. It will triumph over every falsehood proclaimed by the weak of mind who seek to influence other weak minds. Truth can not remain suppressed.

January 8

Living up to the truth we already have is a good way to advance to greater truths and a deeper understanding of things in the Bible.

January 9

Let’s pray and work for godly laws in our land but let’s not forget that our Kingdom is not of this world.

January 10

The promise of our Lord’s return should stay center of our thinking. We are passing through, our hope is not of this world, eternity will be longer than a lifetime here, and joy unimaginable awaits.

January 11

Do not make a mistake in the matter of hope. If you put your hope in the vain philosophies of men or in the ways of religion, you’ll come to a hopeless end. If you put your hope in the Lord Jesus Christ, there will be no end.

January 12

Sorrow can not quench and trials can not dim the hope that we have in the blessed return of our Lord and Savior. Grief is not the end, because a resurrection reunion is ours.

January 13

God’s timing is perfect. He can not be hurried or delayed. Like the first Advent, His second Advent will happen as promised and will be at the best possible moment for everyone in Earth’s history.

January 14

If a devotion, entertainment, or hobby is drawing your thoughts and affection away from the Lord, allow the Holy Spirit to help you put that away.

January 15

None are so corrupt or too deep in sin that they can not find new life in Jesus Christ. If they will turn to Calvary and behold His love, they will be changed.

January 16

Satan rejoices when a follower of Christ talks of doubt but he trembles when a follower of Christ talks of faith, because our words influence other’s. Talk in faith in what the Lord has done, is doing, will do, and watch others grow in Christ.

January 17

Dare to be different than the selfish, the prideful, and all who have conformed to the world without consideration of the God whom they will face in the final judgement.

January 18

It is not sin to be tempted. You’re human. Sinful thoughts are going to surface but it is in holding and nurturing those thoughts that a trap is laid to fall into sin.

January 19

You can not harbor sin and not expect it to alter your life. You can not spend an enormous amount of time thinking about sin and not expect it to work its way out into your life. Do the opposite and fix your mind on Jesus and enjoy the sanctified life.

January 20

We are not Christians because we are church members or because we have merely heard the gospel. We are Christians because we have brought the gospel into the practices of our every day life.

January 21

When you do sin, do not despair in thinking all is lost. There is immediate forgiveness at Calvary. There is strength to repent and stand against future temptations in Christ.

January 22

The Spirit of God is calling men to repentance, but every week counts as one closer and every day counts as one nearer to their appointed time of judgment.

January 23

Let those around us scurry and struggle for earthly riches and recognition that will not last. Let us keep our eyes heavenward because that is our forever home, our eternal treasure, where the Lord God awaits to welcome us with His nail scared hands.

January 24

This world is a training school for an eternity of immortal character. Here we face the lessons that smooth our edges, make patience the rule, gratitude our default attitude, and love for one another the filter of our lives.

January 25

The same hypnotic influence of Satan that causes national leaders to declare lies as truth and death as health, is working among church ministers. The plain truth of the Bible, in some places, is already being replaced by fanaticism, superstition, and compromise.

January 26

Satan knows the limit of his power, that he stands condemned. He doesn’t show himself openly out of fear for awakening the Christian to banish him and his assault through prayer in the name of Jesus.

January 27

For forty years unbelief and unconsecration shut out ancient Israel from their promised land. Could the same unbelief and unconsecration in the church be delaying our entrance into our heavenly promised land?

January 28

Thousands of years of transgression since Eden has brought sickness, disease, and deformities to our once perfect image. Our only hope is the Blessed Hope when we get our new bodies on resurrection morning.

January 29

Satan has concealed himself from our view so that his existence is doubted and even denied. Many who claim to follow the Word of God see no reason for a defense in spiritual warfare because they are fixated only on what is seen.

January 30

Vigilance is the price we must pay in the presence of worldliness. Like waves beating on the shore, the wicked influence of the godless will break us down and carry us away unless we stand firm on the eternal Rock.

January 31

To be opposed to the things of God is to be unfit for Heaven. If you are too wise to fellowship with the church or bored with conversations on the redeeming power of Calvary, an eternity in the presence of holiness and happiness with Jesus will be more than you can bear.


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