100 More Sentence Sermons

These sentence sermons are additional to the 364 published in my book, which can be accessed at my Sentence Sermons page. I still enjoy writing out these thoughts from my morning devotionals and this is where I have been putting them.




In Earth’s conflict of righteousness against unrighteousness, we must have divine intervention because the battle is more than meets the eye. Life in these last days will require a constant communion with Heaven.


The Holy Spirit sustains the follower of Christ unjustly confronted by a hateful world, reminding us of the Blessed Hope and the forever righteousness of the Kingdom of Heaven.


It is likely that the Lord allows some to rest from their earthly labors through death, earlier than we may think is right, but in His infinite mercy He is sparing them oncoming sorrows to great to bear.


Few of us give any thought to the suffering that sin has caused in Heaven. The Lord, the angelic host, and God the Father are all longing for its demise and a restoration of righteousness upon the Earth.


Keeping your attention fixed upon your feelings is a mistake. Looking within for evidence of advancement or decline is not looking unto Jesus, because only by beholding Him we are changed.


There is not a great need of the Savior when we are ignorant of the Savior. We feel no need to obey Scripture when it says grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, but it is in that we realize our daily need for Him.


We can and must exalt Jesus in our conversations, if that is truly our authentic response to circumstances in our life.


Rely wholly upon the merits of the Lord Jesus Christ, because your attempt to be justified before God won’t work.


The revelation of God’s love to man is seen in the cross of Calvary, Christ crucified for our sins, Christ risen from the dead, Christ ascended on high, is the science of salvation and the declaration of forgiveness.


Heaven is full of blessings to help us in Earth’s cares, and the prayer of faith is the transport.


Satan stirs our grievances into anger because it keeps our eyes upon ourselves and away from the power of God to deal with it.


If you are tired of your spirit being agitated and worried, stop rehearsing problems and start rehearsing the promises of God for those problems.


God will bring His purposes to pass and no agenda of man can interfere. Sometimes man’s godless efforts may seem to triumph for a time, but only to make the choice unmistakably clear between the side of life and the side of death.


The world is stirred with a spirit of grievance but Christ has not ceased offering rest for the offended.


The sin-pardoning Savior, the sin-bearing Christ, the gospel of the Lord Jesus is the solution for those oppressed by the unbearable weight of guilt, grief, and grievance.


The four angels in Revelation are still holding back the full force of strife upon the earth but they will not withhold it forever.


The atonement of Christ’s sacrifice for our sins may be more thorough than we comprehend. If faith as small as a mustard seed can move a mountain, it can certainly claim the grace of Christ for one’s salvation and transformation for Heaven.


The madness of an infuriated mob pressed their rage against the Majesty of Heaven, now a bleeding victim under a crown of painful thorns. Yet their violence, hate, and delusional demands could not overthrow righteousness, love, and God’s Word.


Jesus said of a coming time of trouble that it will be shorten that a group of saints be spared. It’s not improbable that for the sake of an individual saint they will rest with their fathers in order to be spared from a coming time of trouble, either.


If the wealth of all the earth was collected and its value assessed it would fall far short of the value placed on a single soul. He who left glory to redeem His creation has all of Heaven fixed on making good Calvary’s infinite cost.


The promised later rain of the Holy Spirit will be poured out just before the Lord’s return. A revival of godliness not witnessed since apostolic times will draw many to turn toward the Kingdom of God for real hope, authentic change and actual justice.


The wages of sin is death because sin is worked for by intentionally choosing it over the right thing to do. You cannot blame another for your sin. You may have learned to do wrong from another but at some point you keep doing it because you choose to do it.


The wages of sin is death, but you can choose grace and accept the gift of God. Eternal life through Jesus Christ cannot be earned because it is from God, not from anything of you, but a gift to the repenting, believing sinner.


Many who think of themselves as secure in their Christian faith are being fooled into harboring anger and hatred because they have turned their eyes and mind away from Jesus. They will be awakened by the outpouring of God’s wrath.


When our churches depart from the simplicity of the gospel as power to save and start to promote earthly solutions to spiritual problems our churches will become earthly problems with no spiritual power.


There are times when despair envelopes us like thick fog. It is in these dark hours when hope seems absent that we must trust the merits of Christ’s atonement to cover our human frailty and wait in faith until the cloud passes.


We can no more walk by faith without prayer and God’s Word than we can physically live without air and food. The Christian life is an exercise of communing with God and staying connected to the Vine for nourishment.


God gives us talents, mental capacity, and we form our character as we use those for selfish ambition or for the Kingdom of Heaven. The character built on denying self and glorifying God will have eternity to flourish.


The Lord in His creation intended man to be close in our relationships with one another, not distant. God deals with us as individuals, but He designed us to be together in Christian fellowship that the world may see His body and seek Him.


We are objects of Satan’s hate because we are objects of God’s love. He seeks to kill, steal, destroy but we have read of his lying schemes in God’s Word so we stand with the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world.


In prayer we enter the audience chamber of the Most High and with that awareness a holy awe should move us to give praise to His glory before we dare to express our petition.


With simplicity we should state our needs to the Lord and claim His promises as we pray. What a privilege is ours, that we have a God who has established prayer and His promises to respond.


It is prayer in humility of demeanor that is welcomed into the audience chamber of God. If holy angels veil their face in His presence why would we attempt to pray with presumptuous demands?


In every trial we must choose to turn toward the Lord or turn away from the Lord. If we turn from Him we’ll miss the testing, self-denial, and suffering for Christ’s sake and our faith will grow weaker.


Every trial is an opportunity to turn toward the Lord and grow through its testing, through self-denial and by enduring the suffering. It is in exercising our faith in Him that our faith in Him will grow stronger.


We may admit our faults to one another, but no man can pardon our sin, lift our guilt, and give peace. Only in Jesus can we find forgiveness for salvation and absolution from damnation.


Prayer ascends as a fragrance of incense before the Lord, and like the lady who grabbed the hem of His garment on His way to Golgotha, our sincere prayer, no matter how small, has God’s attention.


High up in the glory of His throne in Heaven surrounded by multitudes of holy angels singing celestial praises in worship, God hears the inaudible cries of help from even the weakest human being.


We may not feel the peace and joy which we felt yesterday in our Christian walk, but that is no reason to cast away our confidence. Our faith is not affirmed by our feelings but by the promises of God’s Word.


The value of a man has been established at the cross of Calvary. No man is so low that he can’t be exalted to become heir with Christ in Heaven except as he willfully disbelieves the value of Calvary.


God’s law is a transcript of His character and a mirror against our character. It can not cleanse us from sin but it can keep us from assuming our own righteousness and cause us to pursue the righteous grace of the Lawgiver.


This love led Him to consent to give His only begotten Son to die, that rebellious man might be brought into harmony with the government of Heaven, and be saved from the penalty of his transgression.


The Son of God stepped down from the glory of Heaven to an earth marred with sin to give all men an opportunity to willfully get back into harmony with the world He came from, otherwise, we willfully remain with this world.


We are in error if we think that our list of good works will tip the scale in requiring God to allow us into His Heaven. If that were true, God’s Son would have had no reason to come to earth and die on Calvary.


Though He has ascended to the throne of Heaven, Jesus has not lost His compassion for the soul burdened under the cares of this world. His empathetic ear is open to the prayer of faith.


We talk of praise not of difficulties because our God is able. Our lips withhold the doubts sowed by the enemy and we speak praise of the One whose grace is sufficient for us.


The corruption of the world is trying to drag us down to its low level of insensibility toward one another that is expressed through hate and violence. God’s Word leads us to a higher character formed by truth.


Problems are part of the fallen experience called humanity. We can bear them in patience or in complaint, but if we want the Lord’s help we must choose patience.


Invest your energy in giving glory to God, not in giving attention to yourself. Too many waste their years building monuments that become memorials to their folly.


Salvation by grace motivates repentance and binds our relationship with God and others. Salvation by works motivates a self-righteous religion that repels God and others.


There is a sense of inefficiency and imperfection in our walk with the Lord because the heavenward journey is one of daily dependence on God’s power and grace.


Christ made an end of sin by bearing its curse on Calvary and He has taken away that curse from all who will believe in Him. If you reject Him and believe in your way of redemption, the curse remains.


We have no reason to fear while looking to Jesus, no reason to doubt while meditating on God’s promises, and no reason to lose hope while waiting for the return of Christ our King.


The more closely a Christian walks with the Lord, the more clearly the Lord is known to him. The strength of our relationship with God is in incremental day by day devotion not a sudden deathbed confession.


By beholding the Savior we’ll become changed into the likeness of the Savior. What we think upon is what we move toward and what we act upon is what we strengthen into our character.


We may bring some heredity or cultivated tendencies that seem unsuitable for our journey with the Lord, but we do not abandon that when those things trip us up because we walk by faith. We stop focusing on ourselves and start focusing on Christ.


Turn your eyes upon Jesus and look full in His wonderful face and things of your life that obsess your mind and stir up anger in your heart will grow dim and be replaced with the love of God and an understanding of the truth.


Be compassionate toward others because they are expressing their opinions at their highest ability of discernment. Remember, spiritual things can only be spiritually discerned, which is why Jesus said don’t throw your pearls to pigs.


The Holy Spirit has been promised to be with those who wrestle for victory in their Christian life. Satan has us in his crosshairs but only to get at our Lord. Thankfully, our Lord give us His Spirit to counter His foe.


Once ascended to His heavenly throne the Savior could dispense the blessings of His Spirit to all who would receive Him. It is the Spirit of God that fits the followers of Christ to carry on His life on earth until He comes again.


Nothing can come with us into the eternal home of Heaven, except those whom we have labored for through intercessory prayer, a Christian witness, and the kindness of an invitation.


It is not to the one who attracts the biggest crowd that our Lord will say “Well Done” but it is to the humble faithful servant who gives his all at the seemingly insignificant post of a few for the glory of One that some would be saved.


To love as Christ loved means we are unselfish with kindness and self-controlled with our critical estimate of those who are not. It is in the simple expressions of words and deeds that we witness for Him.


The darkness of the evil one engulfs those who neglect personal prayer with God. When we are in communion with God in prayer, we invite the light of Heaven to shield us from Satan’s enticement.


We have all been bought with the high price of Christ’s sacrifice. Now every soul is challenged to live their life giving glory to their Savior or to spend their days rejecting Christ by acting like their own savior.


Doing what you want is not always prudent because it’s easy to drift off to darkened paths. Instead, put your will on the side of God and as you seek to know that from Scripture you’ll have a lighted path.


God is not ignoring your situation, He is waiting for you to come to Him for help. He is Love and it is against His character to force Himself upon you without consent. If you go to the Lord with a contrite heart you give Him permission to work it out for your good.


We need the living water of God’s Word stored in our mind and heart, through study and prayer, so that when trials and opposition arise, we’ll have a well of hope to draw from.


A remedy for every heartache resulting from the spiritual disease passed on by Adam can be found in Scripture. At the promises of God’s Word, despair meets hope and sorrow meets encouragement.


Every difficulty, hurt, and grievance is a reminder to turn toward the Lord with faith in his redemptive power. No circumstance is beyond His ability to change and use to bring forth abundant life.


Our advancements in Christian character made here will be ours when we enter into our eternal life.


A young man must deliberately consider the goodness of the Lord in all things before the trials of agedness leave him grappling for help.


The process in which a man hardens his heart to truth is gradual, almost imperceptible, until his conscious is numb.


We know when a man has shut his eyes to the light of truth because his mouth exposes the darkness that fills his soul.


Our world is flooded with fables that contradict the plain truth of God’s Word.


Men with no regard for righteousness dispel lies with a convincing tone, but man’s words are not the standard of truth.


An evil man spouts lies not to change the minds of those who love truth, but to attract to his side those who hate truth.


When we keep drawing back from speaking of the Lord Jesus in our conversations because we fear how others will receive it, we cease our cooperation with making Him known and being known by Him. We are friends of God but if we treat him like a third-wheel, He’ll get the message.


Don’t get hung up on blaming your past, because you’re dead to self and born again. Sometimes those past hang ups just need a proper burial so we can finally live the resurrected life by faith in Christ.


If God upholds the sparrow and its provisions, why would you think He is unaware of your life and its problems? There is eternal purpose in temporary pain and by waiting on the Lord things work out for the good.


The great delusion is in thinking you are righteous on your own. The closer we come to Jesus the clearer our sinfulness becomes to us and the more reliant we are on His righteousness.


When a man’s lust for approval has caused resistance to God’s truth, then they can no longer discern light from darkness and can easily call evil good.


For a man bent on an evil end, the greater the evidence presented, the greater their indifference. An ungodly plan can not be halted by reason but by the end of the man who is bent on evil.


It is possible to overcome on your own behalf in the name of Jesus. When we exercise faith in the promise of God’s Word, when we stand firm, when we are resolute in believing in the power of grace to sustain, we have victory in Jesus.


Though we may weep alone and grieve in loneliness, let’s not forget the companionship of angels sent from the throne of Heaven to minister to those whose hope is in the return of their Savior.


Don’t be afraid of ungodly people who gloat over having an upper hand against you. They are dust, they will perish, but for you the Lord is your strength.


Don’t join those who gather under the banner of Satan, who like him hold their self-importance above reality and feed that lie through their accusations against the very ones that give them reason to be showing gratitude.


People are falling into two camps: one is gathering under the banner of Satan in his purpose for temporal selfish gain and one is standing firm on truth for the gain of lasting righteousness.


In causing the death of the Son of God, Satan made his own end unavoidable. He defeated his own purpose of becoming the forever ruler of this world because he has forfeited eternal life for the wages of his sin.


To immediately destroy Lucifer would allow the other angels to harbor fear. So he was allowed to lay his accusations out in the open so the unfallen universe could clearly know and choose truth.


Our days are given to grow in a character fit for Heaven. If we harbor unrepentant indulgence of sin, without any desire for righteousness, a society of joyful holiness would be torturous to us.


Leaving our witty and cutting thoughts unspoken is sometimes a victory gained in the process of sanctification. Jesus could have had the best comebacks, but He exemplified self-denial.


The crucifixion of self is mostly accomplished through yielding to the conviction of the Spirit that makes us think twice before speaking harmfully or carrying out an ungodly deed.


Our character is not developed by signs and wonders, but by obedience to God’s Word. The supernatural may get our attention, but following God’s commands are how we grow in faith.


We are weak in moral power and we can not resist participation in evil. Our only safety is in keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, our mind relying on God’s Word, and our hearts subject to the convicting power of the Holy Spirit.


When we start to question the experience we thought was of God as maybe being an impulse or coincidence, we are yielding to Satan’s temptation to steal our faith.


The Christian life is about maintaining the first victory we had in overcoming our human will through the compelling influence of the Spirit of God to stand committed for Jesus Christ.


The wrath of God does not befall man because he sins or struggles against doing right. Wrath is reserved for the sinner who refuses to acknowledge that he sins and that there is a right.


Judgment does not befall a man because he does wrong, but because he resists what is right. When he determines not to yield to truth he has chosen his end.


We should daily seek the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit on our thoughts so every affection we express and every decision we make is in His will.


In Christ our sin is not just forgiven but taken away. Sin held close is cherished and once removed it leaves a vacuum but the Holy Spirit fills that, and we now cherish Him.


The Holy Spirit illuminates our mind toward spiritual things and softens our heart toward one another.


If every church member would be emptied of self and filled with God’s Spirit, that church would be the living body of Christ.


The former rain of the Holy Spirit as given in the days of the apostles germinated the seed of the church. Let’s pray for the promised latter rain to soften the ground of callous souls for the harvest.


The record of Acts is given that we may be inspired to want the same filling of the Holy Spirit, the same zeal for the glory of God in today’s darkness, and the same fearless witness for truth.


The more we tarry with our Lord in prayer, the more our hearts will become stirred with compassion for those in error and unbelief.


Please do not allow the pulpit before you to justify its silence on culture as merely avoiding politics. The Bible is the story of the gospel overcoming Satan’s strategies through politics and culture.


The local church is meant to be the instructor of biblical doctrine, but if it does not meet its responsibility, truth will be hijacked by the definition of politicians and no one gets sets free.


The Spirit-filled disciples were not intimidated by wicked men, and neither should we. Threats of persecution, imprisonment, and death can not silence the conviction of truth as it is in Jesus.


It wasn’t until the disciples set aside their selfish ambition that Pentecost brought the Spirit of God to empower them to carry the glad tidings of abundant life to the dying world.


All who will be saints in Heaven will first be saints on Earth. He who is unrighteous will remain unrighteous, but he who is righteous will remain righteous.


The fruit of our spirit is opposite of the fruit of God’s Spirit, because without Him we are hateful, angry, dissatisfied, impatient, mean, evil, disloyal, violent, and untruthful.


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