Sentence Sermons

June 1

The intellect is heightened by the study of God’s Word. Which is why Satan seeks to distract us from it, because a weak mind is easily aroused to discontentment and disregard of civility.

June 2

Conversations are often manipulated by half-truths, bold lies, or unfounded outrage. We must rely on the Spirit of God for discernment before siding with a cause contrary to truth.

June 3

God has not forsaken His own, though He permits a growing rage against them. These times will divide the true followers of Christ from the mere membership holders, because His own will only bow to their God.

June 4

Fallen humanity is easily enticed to follow a hell bound path. Thankfully, the closer we stay to the Savior in prayer and Scripture the less we are enticed to forfeit eternal life for temporary sin.

June 5

Many have become so deluded by their hatred of truth that they are thoughtlessly falling into line with their leader’s disillusionment. Don’t join them, counter with the clear declaration of God’s Word.

June 6

Outside of Christ people clamor for supremacy over others. They do the devil’s bidding by agitating and accusing, but it is only in Christ that we can know equal acceptance.

June 7

A mind that stays on Christ, contemplates His life, meditates on His written words, is a mind defended against the corrupting influence seen and heard in these times.

June 8

Some ministers may not say from the pulpit that the Lord’s return is inconsequential, but by their absence of warning they make of no effective the Blessed Hope and the end of sin.

June 9

Children need the prayers of their parents against a world that flaunts immorality before them. Pray for them to have discernment, self-control, and a willing heart to find safety in the Savior.

June 10

Being born again is being re-born through faith, not flesh. Faith in a new nature that operates according to the principles of Christ. It is a daily denial of self and recalibration of living by faith.

June 11

Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and disasters that wreck property and lives, are divine warnings of a coming global judgement and a wake up call for all to prepare to meet our God.

June 12

There is an alarming trend to heighten the emotions of church goers and call that spiritual. If you are as ignorant of God’s Word this Sunday as you were last Sunday, you’re being duped.

June 13

Children are growing up with constant exposure to depravity. Parents, don’t come to the end of your life grieving your failure to fortify their hearts with the safety of God’s Word.

June 14

The evidences of our faith is not impressions and feelings. We have the Word of God. It has withstood the test of time, destruction by its enemies, and it remains our only sure expression of God’s will.

June 15

The study of the Bible will never degrade our character. It will refine us, sanctify our judgement, and prepare us for an eternity of companionship with holy angels.

June 16

Religious fanaticism springs up where the Bible is not regarded as the absolute truth. If you believe in the Bible plus whatever, you will follow whatever foolish voice you happen to hear.

June 17

Satan employs every possible persuasion to prevent us from obtaining a knowledge of the Bible. Its plain teaching explains why we’re in this mess and how we’re getting out of it.

June 18

The ungodly are not sane, so don’t let them draw out your old self in an angry quarrel and mare your Christian witness. Stand firm on the truth but pray for the Holy Spirit to bring them to their senses.

June 19

Your Christian witness is not in criticizing, questioning, and denouncing every expression of worldliness around you. It’s in maintaining your peace and not losing your manners.

June 20

If the pulpits in America would proclaim the soon return of the Lord and call men to repentance, those with reprobate minds would not so easily ascend to positions of authority.

June 21

The times in which we are living should awaken our minds to consider the scenes made known in Bible prophecy. These times are not falling apart, they are falling into place.

June 22

The final book of the New Testament is the Revelation of Jesus Christ. It is not the revelation of the anti-Christ. It demands our study because in it the Lord removes our guesswork.

June 23

The end is near, and soon our Savior shall redeem us from this earth. His followers are preparing for that and warning others of the tribulation that will soon overwhelm the world.

June 24

The iniquity of man will soon reach its limit and God will cut short Satan’s reign. The probationary time for eternal decisions will cease and the throne in Heaven will cry, Son go get my children!

June 25

We are entering into a battle between the laws of men and the laws of God, between the religion of the Bible and the religion of self-gratification, but we must not flinch because the war has been won.

June 26

Relinquish your selfish wants and place yourself under God’s control. His omnipotence will supply your need, His omnipresence will guide your steps, and His omniscience will bring you peace.

June 27

Every soul must stand for themselves before God. Church organizations are helpful for equipping and fellowship, but don’t think they are immune from comprising the truth of Scripture.

June 28

Hate for what’s right in God’s sight is what’s behind the contempt against Christians for not supporting what’s wrong in their sight. In the conflict between laws, stand with God’s laws.

June 29

Don’t think you are above temptation. Adam and Eve in Eden had a superior advantage than we do out of Eden, yet the Tempter succeeded in alluring them in to disobeying their Creator.

June 30

The greatness of a man can be measured by his ability to subdue his own passions. We need the Holy Spirit to give us self-control so our feelings can not subdue our ability to reason.


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