Sentence Sermons

October 1

Suffering will not happen in Heaven. Infirmary will have no foothold in our immortal life and any genetic disposition to disease would have been left on earth with our mortal bodies.

October 2

Our language is at a loss to accurately describe what Heaven will be like. But, if you marvel at earth’s beauty and man’s building ingenuity, it’s safe to say you will be lost in amazement.

October 3

Man judges the appearance and often projects his own prejudice against another. God judges the heart because a man’s hunger for righteousness or habit for evil is what determines his future.

October 4

Death bed conversions are possible if one’s guilt has been building for a lifetime. One can die with a contrite heart and a penitent prayer, and be fit for an eternity of learning at the feet of Jesus.

October 5

It is very possible that some outside civilization who have never heard of Jesus or the Bible may have found that creation itself has pointed them to the Creator as the hope of their faith.

October 6

Too many march to the beat of Satan’s emotional rage. They can not be reasoned with or pacified with logic, except as they are reminded that we will all die and face God’s judgement.

October 7

The perplexities of life will be made plain in eternity. Why things happened, when death took the least deserving, unanswered prayers, but we shall see that God worked it together for our good.

October 8

The world is clamoring for our attention by drawing us into its web of fear, anger, or hopelessness. But we are called to set our affection above, looking for Christ’s return, that we may have hope.

October 9

A day without considering life in Heaven is as a windowless office at work overwhelmed with tasks and no vacation days on the calendar. When we imagine eternity we push through the tedious days.

October 10

As we consider the themes of prophecy and the events foretold we will uplift our minds. We may fall short of grasping the details but the lofty thoughts of God’s plan will encourage us.

October 11

The dumbing down of our church pews is seen in that the early church were people of high thinking and low living, but today we are more likely to be a people of low thinking and high living.

October 12

The secret to effective preaching is not tone of voice, wit with words, or skill in transition of supporting points. It is the simple presentation of the text as is, as written, as meant, and as it is received.

October 13

The holy angels must have been both alarmed and amazed as they beheld the Son of God become the Son of Man for our redemption. Their excitement to see us in Heaven is worth looking forward to.

October 14

Worthy is the Lamb will be our chorus then and our attitude now because none will know the glory of Heaven except that the Lamb of God came to know the depravity of a sin stricken Earth.

October 15

The lovers of pleasure more than the lovers of God, the lovers of Earth more than the lovers of Heaven, the lovers of mortal riches more than the lovers of immortal riches, will have neither.

October 16

The redeemed from the great tribulation will share an experience that we may not want. The first resurrection may be a welcome option but thankfully Jesus said their time will be cut short.

October 17

We have to remind ourselves that we are children of the Most High and we behave as such. Let kindness and patience be part of our expressions and exchanges as we go about our day.

October 18

Silence is eloquent when men of provocation try to entice us into their anger. We must cherish the peace of God and not forfeit it for a momentary rebuttal that offers no eternal value.

October 19

You are not perfect in your walk by faith, but your Savior walked perfectly by faith as your substitutionary atonement. When you fall, call upon Him to set you on your feet as if you never fell.

October 20

A heart after God, a love for Him, and a genuine desire for His ways is the new life in Christ that fits us for Heaven. The sinful tendencies of our mortal nature will be no more when we put on immorality.

October 21

The Creator opened man’s side in the Garden, resulting in a bride called Eve. 4000 years later man opened the Creator’s side on the cross, resulting in a bride called the Church.

October 22

It is the influence of a believer’s words and deeds that will subtly turn others to righteousness. Each impression upon one’s heart, each thought in one’s mind, is winning a soul to behold the Savior.

October 23

Heaven will be most precious to those who have faithfully labored to turn the eyes of others upon Jesus. To see those who you prayed for, who you dug deep in Bible study with, will be priceless.

October 24

The second death will be terribly painful for those who are against the Rider on the white horse, but realizing the finality of their error in rejecting Christ will hurt more than physical destruction.

October 25

Considering a loved one’s absence in Heaven is like taking a family vacation without your child. You can not just hope they’ll show up, you must arrange for their presence before you go.

October 26

Those who love to talk about the things of God, will find their soul strengthened. Those who love to talk about the things of Satan will find their soul weakened. We follow our conversations.

October 27

Weekly fellowship affirms our faith because it reminds us that we are not alone in this journey with Christ. Sharing struggles and counting blessings together gives us hope for the days we are apart.

October 28

God has made every provision available to mankind and given all necessary information needed for every person to make a voluntary, willful, intentional choice to be redeemed or remain lost.

October 29

We may think the eternal punishment of hell is extreme, but no soul can have eternal life against their will. God is love, and a relationship built on love must be a mutual willful choice.

October 30

Just as the Savior was sustained in times of trials by looking toward the fruit of His sacrifice, so may we find reason to walk uprightly in these last days, reminding ourselves that this world is not our home.

October 31

The world is clothed in great moral darkness but we may walk in the light of Heaven. We have the aid of holy angels to illuminate our atmosphere by their close proximity and shielding wings.


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